Chapter XXXIX: South-East Asian Alliance

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South-East Asian Alliance:

Establishment Date: November 14, 2014

Bond: Alliance

Governing System: Republic of democratic states

Encompassed Countries: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines

Major Player: Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines

Standard Currency:

Key Feature: Major exporter of raw materials

Military Characteristic: Fast, agility based weaponry

Space Travel: Minor advancements. Only major capital ships, uses engines bought from the EU or the Chinese Federation, both are under-developed

Special Army Forces: SOCF (Special Operation Commando Force), GGK (Grup Gerak Khas), SSRF (Special Scout Ranger Forces)

Intelligence Network: SID (Security and Intelligence Division)

History: The SEAA, although not the youngest alliance, is the smallest faction of the nine factions. When the Invasion began in 2012, nations located in south-east Asia were immediately under threat of the Unknowns, which landed in the Pacific Ocean. With China and USA-backed nations occupied with their own problems, the nations decided to band together in order to stand a chance against the Unknown attacks. The SEAA was sort of left alone by the Unknowns due to its focuses on the Chinese and US fronts. It was, however, still a major target for Unknown raiding parties. Intel suggests that SEAA outposts are usually raided by the Unknown captured-humans. The South-East Asian Alliance is a major exporter of raw materials and is one of the leverage chip for the SEAA. Their military technology is lacking, with most equipment being foreign-bought. The only reason that it has not been invaded yet is due to the common threat of the Unknowns and the fact that no one wants to start another world war. Singapore is SEAA's greatest contributor and leader. While Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines have the ability to produce high-grade military weaponry, only Singapore has the ability to make large military equipment like capital ships. SEAAN's ships are all foreign powered and built except for six capital ships made by Singapore.

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