Chapter XXXVII: Indo-Persia Alliance

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Indo-Persia Alliance:

Establishment Date: August 27, 2016 

Bond: Alliance

Governing System: Democratic

The Alliance, consisting of five nations, is an alliance created in order for the nations to protect each other. The treaty stated that the nations were to assist another if it was to come under attack by another faction or nation. The alliance itself does not control or direct anything major, with the nations' own governments retaining most of the power.

Encompassed Countries: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan

Major Player: India, Pakistan

Standard Currency: Persiana

Key Feature: very divided alliance

Military Characteristic: Separate armies, Indian and Pakistani

The Indo-Persia Alliance Military doesn't have any special quality but still possessed many advanced military technologies. The Indo-Persian Alliance Navy was the strongest branch compared to the air force and army. India's The special forces such as the SSG and PCC are rather ineffective compared to their counterparts. Due to their struggle to adapt to new conditions and cooperate, they are easy targets even for standard military personnel sometimes. There was a rumor among the USNAA (United States of North America Airforce) that an F-44 fighter pilot whose plane crash-landed in IPU territory fought off a whole squadron of SSG commandos and another PCC squadron by himself using only his PDW and sidearm. One of the reasons for the pilot's success was due to the lack of coordination between the two teams and a large amount of friendly-fire that occurred between the SSG and PCC.

Space Travel: Yes, but it's in its infancy stage, only found on major capital ships

Special Army Forces: SSG (Special Service Group), PCC (Para Commandos Company)

Intelligence Network: JAIC (Joint Alliance Intelligence Committee)

History: It could be said that the Indo-Persia Alliance isn't actually a dedicated alliance, it is more like an agreement on two sides: India alongside Bangladesh and Nepal, and Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Indo-Persia Alliance is the second alliance of that region, before both the Arab North-African League but after the South-Eastern Asia Alliance. Although both sides have their grudges, they are put aside to counterbalance the region. However, the Alliance is still very divided, and internal conflicts are common. Although the alliance has a standard currency, their army is especially divided. The IPUM is split into the Pakistani Military and the Indian Military. Leading military experts around the world stated that if completely united, the alliance could be on par with the larger factions. Even when separated, the two armies are similar, and they are still willing to share most of their intelligence. On the flip side, most of their top military secrets are kept hidden but are known to many other faction's intelligence services like the CIA. Officially, the two armies are under the flag of the IPUM. However, they sometimes struggle to work together. Throughout the Unknown Invasion, the Indo-Persian Alliance was only affected by the Unknowns through the Indian Ocean. The Alliance was also attacked by Unknown long-range missiles or Unknown special operation forces that are known as the Demon Company. However, there was also an Unknown special squadron that was often deployed behind human defense-lines. They were soon known as the Black Demon Squad, with a total of nine known members. The squadron was known to have detonated three nuclear warheads in the IPU, one in Islamabad of Pakistan and two in Chennai of India, killing a total of around three and a half million people. As Islamabad, Pakistan's capital was heavily damaged and radiated by the nuclear warhead, the capital was moved to Karachi as India gained more power from the slight downhill of the Pakistinians. Currently, Islamabad's radioactive levels are still too high for human survival. Experts say that it will take another three years before Islamabad is habitable for humans again.

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