Chapter XXXVI: Arab-Northern African League

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Arab-Northern African League:

Establishment Date: March 17, 2017

Bond: Alliance

Governing System: A federal republic consisting of almost all monarchy or authoritarian countries

The federal republic system of the Arab-Northern African League is similar to other republics such as the EU and the United Nations. However, major states such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Egypt are given broader freedom to dictate their own laws compared to smaller states.

Encompassed Countries: UAE, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt

Major Player: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey

Standard Currency: Lira

Key Feature: Major Oil Exporter

Military Characteristic: Usage of Terrorist Organizations

The ANAL's military technology is rather lacking compared to other factions like the USNA or EU due to some early inner conflicts that prevented them from being able to advance. However, the ANALM, with the help of Arab-League Intelligence Organization, the intelligence network of ANAL, operates multiple terrorist organizations. These terrorist organizations, like the Mithril and Dorissa, attack military and civilian targets deemed as a threat to the ANAL. These terrorist organizations consist of some of the best soldiers in the world. Most of their terrorist organizations known to the world are linked back to the ANAL by foreign intelligence networks. However, due to ANAL being a world power, other factions find it hard to eradicate those organizations. This is similar to the suicide tactics of the CFN, each faction is so powerful that other factions don't want to risk having a war with them. Furthermore, the ANAL is the world's largest oil exporter, thus many factions are still reliant on them. The Russian Federation is the only faction that doesn't have to import oil from the ANAL. On the other hand, due to their lagging military technology, they have to import some weaponry. However, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Iran still have the ability to produce powerful weaponry that can match up with other world factions. Unfortunately for the faction, a major problem for them is that they don't have the capability to mass produce them, thus leading them to choose to buy foreign weapons to fill in the gaps for smaller countries like Yemen and Oman.  

Space Travel: Yes, but still in development and can only be found on major capital ships

Special Army Forces: SFC/MB (Special Forces Command/ Maroon Berets)

Intelligence Network: ALIO (Arab-League Intelligence Organization)

History: The Arab-Northern African League can be said to be the most surprising faction that currently exists since all the countries in it once wanted each other dead. The ANAL is one of the later factions, it was created when the Arab countries saw advantages that could be gained by creating an alliance. The League struggled with religious differences and intolerance throughout its territory. However, with the creation of Ulti-Koran, a religion created by a mysterious man named Saddam_The_Mysterious online. It seems that the man was able to convince all the heads of state in the League to abandon their own religion for his. Rumors say that the mysterious man was a secret intelligence officer from the UNSC. With religious differences settled, the League attempted to expand its territories, only to be rebuffed by the Russian Federation, Chinese Federation, EU, and the Indo-Persian Union that surrounds the League. In the international schemes, the Arab-Northern African League is heavily sanctioned yet supported by different organizations. Many deem the League and its counterpart, the Indo-Persian Union, as alliances that may implode anytime soon. Deemed as unpredictable bombs, the EU and United Nations are against the development of the ANAL, erecting multiple economic sanctions against the League. The USNA and Russian Federation supports the League, as they deem the League to be a way to destabilize the region and increase their influences. All the major players of the faction are led by either a monarch or an authoritarian leader, meaning that many government bodies are dominated by the military and its leader. As of now, the ANAL is seeking to push further into Africa, targeting nations like Sudan and Libya. With the conclusion of the Unknown Invasion, the League has decided to mobilize its army in order to directly take over African nations and kingdoms.

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