Chapter XXXIII: Chinese Federation

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Chinese Federation:

Establishment Date: June 21, 2012

Bond: Conquered or Annexed

Governing System: Unitary One-Party Socialist Republic (Communist)

The Chinese Federation, a Communist nation, formally known as a unitary one-party socialist republic, has full-control over most things in the Chinese Federation. The top officials of the government are the premier, president, and paramount leader. All three positions are usually elected by the State Council, which consists of the premier and other heads of government departments. However, paramount leaders are sometimes hand-picked and groomed by the previous leader, as they can serve an unlimited amount of four-year terms. Even though the paramount leader holds massive amounts of power over the nation, if the leader is disliked by the public and State Council, a coup-d'etat may happen. The lower part of the government is the National People's Congress, which has the power to elect people into the State Council and other positions. Highly affected by the invasion of the Unknowns, the State Council and the National People's Congress appointed pro-military officials into top positions of the government. However, with the invasion over, the NPC and State Council hoped to appoint a new generation of officials that are loyal and opportunistic, as the future of Earth hangs in uncertainty after the departure of the UNSC.

Encompassed Countries: China, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan

Capital: Beijing

Major Player: China

Standard Currency: Ren Ming Bi

Key Feature: Largest Military by numbers

Military Characteristic: The CFN (Chinese Federation Navy) uses smaller units such as destroyers that are mass-produced to counter larger capital ships

The Chinese Federation Military uses its numerical advantage to overpower their enemies. Although they still maintain a healthy number of larger capital ships, they fleets are based mostly on small capital ships like destroyers and frigates that could be easily mass-produced. Although these smaller ships have weaker armor and damage output compared to the same types ships in other factions, they mobilize in hundreds and can be daunting sometimes. Although a lot of their smaller ships are weakly armored, their major capital ships are the polar opposite. The Chinese Federation, like the Russians, favor big guns at close quarters over accurate guns at long range. However, the Chinese's most used type of capital ships are the battlecruisers. Battlecruisers in the CFN are known for their speed alongside a hefty amount of gun batteries and strong armor. These traits meant that the CFN likes to swarm its enemies with its smaller ships and then send in the battlecruisers to deal the final blow to the enemy. The CFN has one more tactic, which was denounced by other world factions for being inhumane. The CFN's smaller capital ships are outfitted with fission-driven engines and are sometimes very unstable. The CFN orders ships that are close to the enemy fleet to sometimes charge into the enemy and self-detonate, destroying the ship but also causing damage to the enemy. Other factions were shocked by such suicidal tactics and tried to ban it, but was rebuffed by the Chinese Federation. The Chinese Federation Ground Forces use the same tactics to overpower their enemies. 

Space Travel: Yes, but records are spotty

Special Army Forces: Snow Leopard Commandos

The Chinese's Snow Leopard Commandos is one of the best Special Forces in the world. They specialize in infiltrating behind enemy lines and taking out important facilities.  

Intelligence Network: MSS (Ministry of State Security)

History: One of the most affected factions by the Invasion of the Unknowns, the faction was devastated by it at the start of the invasion. When the Unknown command ship landed in the Pacific Ocean just off of the South-East Asian countries, China seemed to not be at the frontline. However, Unknown strikes at the start of the war usually ignored the South-East Asian countries, and instead focused on destroying major military facilities in China. After China, the Unknowns went for the US, taking out Hawaii within a few months. The Unknowns' plan seemed clear, to attack the strongest countries in the world at the start to give them no chance to fight back. However, they seemed to underestimate the human ability to adapt. Although the Chinese took heavy losses, they were able to keep the Unknowns from a successful land assault with their numerical superiority, but at the cost of heavy losses and a long six-year stalemate. While keeping the Unknowns from invading inland, the new Chinese paramount leader, Song HuangYi, decided that it was time to expand the Chinese Federation's territory in order to produce more troops. The Chinese first set sights on North Korea, but that idea soon fell off of the planning table in 2013 when the two Koreas unite together with the help of the UNSC. Song HuangYi was infuriated, as he wasn't noticed by the North Korean ambassador of the deal. However, he could do nothing, as the newly created United Korean Peninsula was backed up by US troops and UNSC warships. On the western front, the Chinese military was able to capture Mongolia and most of the stan countries in the latter stages of 2012 (countries with names that ended with STAN barring Pakistan and Afganistan). After its first major upset, the Chinese Federation set sights on Taiwan in 2014, where a large amount of UNSC technology and equipment were based in. Their attack was vanquished, however, when their assault forces faced off against long-range weapons of the UNSC. With the aid of UNSC ships, multiple MAC cannons and artillery placed on the shores of Taiwan, the Chinese forces were eradicated before they could take the fight to Taiwan. Although the two major losses affected the Chinese military's strength, their ability to mass-produce weaponry meant that the CFM was unfazed by their losses, which were quickly patched up within a few months while under constant attacks from the Unknowns. In 2018, the Chinese Federation was finally able to push the Unknowns completely out of its mainland and took the fight to Infernum, the Unkown home base. With contact with CSA and USNA forces restored in the Pacific, the joint forces of the South-East Asian Alliance, United Nations, and Chinese Federation established the Union Fleet in 2019, with the Russian Federation, EU, ANAL, and IPU joining soon after. The Union Fleet, consisting of the nine factions on Earth and the UNSC, was formed with one sole purpose, to eradicate the Unknowns from Earth and end the invasion that already wiped out more than half a billion people on Earth.

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