Chapter XXXII: Russian Federation

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Russian Federation:

Establishment Date: September 9, 2013

Bond: Conquered or Annexed

Governing System: Monarchy

The Russian Federation is a monarchy led by Alexandrov I, with the royal family controlling most of the higher positions except for positions in Congress, which was created for civilians to have a voice in the government. Although not extremely powerful, the Congress still wields enough power to sway important government issues to the people's favor. Although not completely isolated, the Russian Federation doesn't have any strong foreign relation with any faction. 

Encompassed Countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova

Capital: Moscow

Major Player: Russia

Standard Currency: Ruble

Key Feature: Strongest Naval Fleet

Military Characteristic: Battleships are the backbone of their battlegroups

The Russians see their battleships as the pride of their navy. Although Russian battlegroups don't consist a large amount of launched aircraft, they make it up with their massive guns on their ships. The Russian ships aren't exactly suited for long-range combat, but their guns definitely have the range to do so. The Russian Navy prefer close-quarters combat, where they could maximize their firepower with their ships' secondary batteries. Russian battleships are well-armored and produce more firepower than any battleships from other factions. However, they do have a slow top speed and are very hard to maneuver. These battleships are most vulnerable to bomber strikes or torpedoes launched by aircraft or corvettes. Thus, the Russians also have the world's most advanced shielding technology in the world. The technology was still in its infancy stage, so the shields are only mounted on a few ships. However, even though it's still in development, the shields prove to be very effective against weak bombing runs and torpedo attacks. It was rumored that the technology came from the UNSC, but was denied by the Russian government. The shielding technology is said to be stolen from a secret UNSC facility in the Arctic Ocean. The UNSC accused the Russians of stealing but warranted no further action. The higherups believed that the Russians don't have the capability to further develop the shielding technology, which was proven to be false. Although Russian military aircraft are on par with the USNA's, they're mostly land-based or aren't carried in significant amounts on ships. The Russian Federation Ground Forces are one of the fiercest on the world. Using superior military experience and tactics, they are able to take on forces larger than theirs. 

Space Travel: Yes

Special Army Forces: Spetsnaz GRU

The Russian Spetsnaz GRU is the pinnacle of their army service. The group specializes in assassination operations that are "non-existent" in the military. It has performed many successful operations against dissident factions within the Russian Federation and abroad against the Unknowns and sometimes the UNSC.

Intelligence Network: KGB

History: During the Invasion of the Unknowns, Alexandrov Dmitrievich, a former military general backed by Russia's wealthiest families, assassinated the president in a coup-d'etat led by the military. With the president disposed of, Alexandrov claimed the title of tsar, reverting the democratic country back into a monarchy. Tsar Alexandrov I and his loyal advisors completely revamped the constitution, completely wiping out any democratic trace that Russia had before the invasion. However, Alexandrov wasn't a blood-thirsty and cold-blooded man. He knew that he still needed the people's support to remain in control of the country. Thus, a civilian Congress was created that held some leverage against the royal family and the military. Although not extremely powerful, the Congress still wields enough power to sway important government issues to the people's favor. With its inside business sorted out, Alexandrov looked towards the west, readying himself for an invasion into Europe. Before long, the new Russian Federation was created when Alexandrov took advantage of the chaos within the European Union to annex multiple countries such as Ukraine and Belarus. The European Union could only watch helplessly as Russian troops stormed through the Kiev and Minsk, the capital of Ukraine and Belarus respectively. The European Union, however, weren't going to go down without a fight. Amassing troops from all the European countries, the EU decided that they needed to strike back. As the two sides met at the Polish-Belarusian border, firefights began to break out, but no direct order from both sides' head of state told the armies to attack. After two months of small skirmishes between the two factions on the Polish-Belarusian border, a backroom deal brokered by the UNSC effectively created the new Russian-EU border along Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Finland, and Romania. While the European Union was determined to fight till the end with the Russians, Alexandrov wasn't. The tsar wasn't after the whole of Europe in the beginning after all, as he knew that his forces would be matched evenly by a UNSC-backed EU. With his goals achieved, the tsar turned his focus towards revamping its aging military, which has been struggling to compete against the USNA and EU in some areas. Knowing that the UNSC won't be willing to help a monarchy that threatened the balance of Earth, Alexandrov turned to plundering any UNSC research facilities located in Russian territory or in the Arctic Sea. Using its special forces, the Spetsnaz GRU, or random search warrants on UNSC buildings, the Russians were able to gather enough technology and information from UNSC facilities on building ships that are able to travel in space. The UNSC leaders were furious about these events. But with little to none solid evidence of Russian attacks and a war against the Unknowns as the number one priority of the Sol System Command, the UNSC could only warn the Russians verbally or with sanctions while beefing up its security forces at those research stations. Although the Russian Federation still held a few grudges against the USNA and EU, Tsar Alexandrov I was still willing to work with the other factions in order to expel the Unknowns from Earth, contributing large amounts of warships, soldiers, and equipment to the Union Fleet, using it as an excuse to test out new technological advancements.

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