Chapter 11

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I smiled when he told me we could talk more about him being my daddy tomorrow. I really didn't have to think about it, I knew from the moment we meant that I felt something for him. I fell asleep after he had told me to get some sleep.

I woke around 4am from a nightmare, a really really bad nightmare. I woke up crying, and was having a panic attack I also peed myself and the bed. Reca had come out of the bathroom and calmed me down, she then helped me out of my wet clothes and into the shower. "I'm gonna go strip your bed and get you a clean pair of clothes and a towel, please be good" she says. I nod my head but as soon as she leaves I grabbed the razor on the side of the tub. It was obvious that it was brand new. I hurried to use it to get some relief. "What are you doing!!?" She yells when she comes back in, making me jump and slice my arm wide open. "Shit" she says and grabs a towel and grabs my arm and holds it tight and quickly pulls me out of the shower. She hurt us to dry me off and puts a night gown on me as she has me hold the towel to my wrist. I started feeling light headed so she rushed to carry me to get fixed up. I was then rush to get stitches. I was in a daze and before I know it they are putting me to sleep.
When I woke up again I was in my bed, it was 10 in the morning, and in a chair next to me was Samuel. He was sleeping with his arms over his chest. I slowly get out of bed and walk to the bathroom. I was slightly weak. When I got into the restroom Reca was also sleeping. I quietly use the toliet and perpcely do not flush the toilet so I wouldn't wake her. I let Samuel sleep and head to breakfast. "Hey Zilly, rough night huh?" Amanda asks as I walked past the front desk. I stop and nod. "How you feeling?" She asked "tired" I said she gasped "You spoke!" She said excitedly. She's right I did speak, it came out all crackly and it didn't feel like my voice was apart of me. "You hungry? I'm sure I can get you some breakfast" she says I nod. "Okay go watch some tv, and I'll bring you in some food." She unlocks the room where we eat, have group and have visitors, I've never had one visitor since I've been here. I walk in and join some of the others who rather be in here sharing a tv then in their rooms where they can watch their own tv. "Hey Zilly" everyone says excitedly. I smile. Soon Amanda comes with my food and I sit up at a table. Today was fruity pebbles, toast, side of milk, a cup of tea and a banana. I begin to eat slowly. Soon Samuel walks in a joins me at my table. He smiles "I heard you spoke today" he says I nods he frowns a little. "What was it like?" He asked I signed that it was weird and didn't feel like my voice was part of me.

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