Kiba Inuzuka

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"Who's my first appointment today?" You asked as you entered the vet clinic, pulling your (h/c) hair into a ponytail.

"Akamaru." The receptionist answered.

"Kiba's dog?" You let out a sigh. "Those two are always pushing things too far."

"I think it's because he's trying to impress you." She giggled.

You gave her a bit of a glare. "Just send them right into exam room two when they get here."

"Yes, ma'am."

You went into exam room two and started to get some things set up. You were only sixteen, but you were a talented vet.

You just finished preparations when Kiba came in with Akamaru. Kiba, already knowing the routine, lifted Akamaru onto the exam table.

"What's the problem this time?" You asked a bit irritated.

Kiba awkwardly chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck. "We may have gotten a little carried away with training. Akamaru didn't land quite right and now he's favoring his front left paw."

You gently inspect Akamaru's left paw. "You're lucky. It's just a bad sprain." You look at Kiba seriously. "No training for a week. Let Akamaru rest so he doesn't make it worse."

Akamaru licked your face, causing you to giggle.

"You're welcome, Akamaru." You pet him.

Kiba lifted Akamaru down. "So, uh, (y/n)... I was wondering..." A blush appeared on his cheeks.

While he was trying to find the right words, Akamaru gave him a hard nudge. Kiba apparently wasn't expecting the gesture and he fell into you. Both of you crashed backward into the counter.

You blushed with how close Kiba was. You felt your breast being squeezed, causing your blush to deepen.

The squeezes continued as Kiba looked at where his hand was, obviously not cluing in to exactly what he was doing. When he finally clued in, his face turned rose red.

After your shock wore off, your anger quickly replaced it and you gave Kiba a good hard slap. He quickly backed off and cupped his face.

"Get out!" You shouted.

He didn't say a word but he did as you asked.

As your work day carried on, you couldn't remove the incident from your mind. As angry as you'd been, you had liked it. The memory of Kiba's firm hand on your breast caused you to blush and desire more. You felt yourself become wet when you thought about what it might be like to mate with him.

"Uh... (Y/n)?" The receptionist brought you back to reality.


Her eyes drifted lower and, at first, you didn't understand what she was looking at. Then you realized that your own hand was on the same breast that Kiba had groped earlier.

Your face lit up with embarrassment and you quickly removed your hand. "I'm done for the day. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Have fun." She smirked.

As you walked, you were so lost in thought that you ended up at Kiba's door.

You figured, since you were here, you might as well see if he felt the same way. You didn't want him to avoid you because you slapped him. You knocked on the door.

Kiba answered. "(Y/n)?"

"I was hoping we could talk. Can I come in?"

"Yeah." He stepped aside, allowing you to enter, and the two of you sat in the living room.

"About this morning..." you started.

Kiba blushed. "I didn't mean to!" He defended.

"I know... I actually came by to ask... can you...?" Your face was on fire. "Can you... do it again?"

Before you finished getting the words out, Kiba's hand had found its way to your breast.

You gasped then sighed with relief. You'd been wanting him to touch you again, but you didn't realize how much until now.

Then you grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him close until you planted your lips on his. Kiba was stunned only for a split second then quickly kissed back.

His tongue demanded entrance to your mouth and you allowed it only to thrusts your tongue into his. Your hands went into his hair and he pressed his body closer to yours, causing you to lay back on the couch.

Kiba's strong hand continue to massage your breast as he moved his kisses to your neck. Your whole body heated up when you felt his sharp canines against the sensitive skin. When he bit down you couldn't help but moan.

You pulled at his shirt and he didn't hesitate to discard it. In turn, he undid the buttons of your blouse and cast it aside.

His kisses then trailed down and his knee pressed against the junction of your thighs. You arched your back in response and Kiba took the opportunity to unhook the back of your bra helped it to the floor.

You gasped slightly as his rough palms stimulated the peaks of your breasts. Then you moaned his name as he bit your neck again.

His hands slid down your body and smoothly guided your bottoms off your hips and removed them with haste. You undid the fastening of his pants and he helped discard them just as quickly.

He encouraged you to part your legs a bit wider then he lined himself up with you. You moaned loudly as he teased you with just his tip.

"Kiba... please..." you begged.

He thrust into you, giving you what you so desperately craved and causing you to let out a cry of bliss.

His movements started out slow but quickly picked up. Your hands went to his back and you dug your nails in as he continued. He let out a growl of pleasure in response.

As your mating dance progressed, you felt the wave building and you started moving your hips in time with his. His passion increased along with his strides.

The pleasure he was giving you was all you could think about as the wave continued to build. Kiba let out a deep-throated growl in time with his thrusts. That was the tipping point and the wave of ecstasy came crashing down, causing you to cry out his name. He bit your neck and thrust deeper as he experienced his own release with you.

You both breathed heavily as you locked eyes.

Kiba rested his forehead against yours. "I love you, (y/n)."

"I love you too, Kiba."

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