Chapter 109 Maha Chapter

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Suman's POV.

"Di the Malhotra's are here!" Preeti came running into my room.

"Who? Why? I mean - okay." I blabbered in a rush sitting upright on my bed. Why are they here so early in the morning? Frowning I walked towards the bathroom.

"Mummy asked you to dress up nicely and come out."

"Dress up?" My hands stilled while squeezing toothpaste. I gaped at Preeti stupefied.

"Don't ask me. I am just repeating what Mummy said." Shrugging her shoulder she made herself comfortable on my bed.

"Who all are here?" I asked as I shoved the toothbrush in my mouth.

"The entire clan other than one very tall family member." She grinned while pumping a pillow and laying down on it. "Nirmala Aunty is also with them."

*Phsssth-* * cough cough*

"Di are you all right?"

*cough* I rinsed my barely brushed mouth frantically after almost choking on the paste.

"Why do you think they are here?" The engagement ceremony is tomorrow, what could bring the entire family here today? That too early in the morning- it is not even seven yet!

"Don't know." Preeti mumbled sounding sleepy. "Hurry up and get dressed." *yawn* "Wake me up once you are ready. I am supposed to escort you outside."

"Escort??" Frustrated I stared at her, her eyes tightly shut by now. Irritated, I flung the towel on her and it landed on her face. Brushing it away sleepily with one hand she continued to sleep!

Stomping my foot in a huff I moved towards my cupboard. After a few minutes of searching I decided upon a dark blue and green suit with a motif embroidered in bronze on the top part of the kurti.

This should do- too good to be worn normally at home and yet not too gaudy to gaudy to be passed as a party wear.

Suddenly a thought struck me and I picked up my phone and dialled Shravan's number.

"Hello." Came the groggy sounding response.


"Sumo? Hey two minutes I will call you back."


"It's urgent Sumo!"


He had already disconnected!


Oh crap! He must have rushed to the bathroom!

Nature did you have to come calling right now to him?

'Why are they here?'- send

I rushed to the bathroom and changed and ran outside.

'Who?' I saw his response.

About to call him I got interrupted as a knock sounded on my door.

"Come in." I said automatically.

Preeti sat up rubbing her eyes "Oh you are ready di. Let's go."

"Good morning!"

"Danny?" I exclaimed and then I saw a beaming Charles standing behind him.

"We are here for your Coca ceremony."

"What is a Coca ceremony? They are here to give di beverages?" Preeti asked as I stared at the grinning duo in confusion.

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