Part 130*

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Shravan: So my wifey's life long goal is finally complete!

Sumo: (grinning) Yup!! Now I can pull out that bucket list I have!!

Shravan: (smiling) I'm happy about that! But, I won't let you pay for a single thing! All of PCT's money from now on, will go directly to PRIYA FOUNDATION! You are not allowed to use a single penny!!

Sumo: (pouting) But what if I want to buy something???

Shravan: Can't you see your Kutub Minar husband over here??? Take all my credit cards and buy whatever the hell you want! NO limits for you Baby! (kissing her cheek)

Sumo: (wrapping her arms around his neck) Oh really Baby! And what if I want to buy a Ferrari??

Shravan: (smiling) Than you can have that too!

Sumo: And what if I want a private jet??

Shravan: I might have to get a loan for that, considering I'm not Bill Gates, but I can buy that for you too!

Sumo: (laughing) No! Please no more loans!

Shravan: (laughing) I'd do anything for you.

Sumo: Really??

Shravan: I'd even give my life.

Sumo didn't even have to respond, because as soon as these words left Shravan's mouth, he smashed his lips onto her's, engulfing her in a tingling kiss. The both pulled out and smiled.

Sumo: I have a feeling that working next door to each other is going to cause us to go in loss.

Shravan: (scratching his head) How am I supposed to concentrate when there are hotter things going on next door?

Sumo: And how am I supposed to cook when you're kissing me every five minutes!?

Shravan: (laughing) I'm never going to say sorry for that!

Sumo: OF course you aren't! Anyways, I'm going to the Tiwari Killa! I haven't met Nanu in forever and I want to get Ma's name cleared as soon as possible.

Shravan: Ok fine. Let me just wrap up my work and we can leave together!

Sumo: Who invited you???

Shravan: It's my wife's house now! I can go whenever I want!! (laughing)

Sumo: (shaking her head and laughing) Let's go!

Shravan quickly put all of his paperwork and files away before the both of them were off for the Tiwari Killa. Sumo was super excited and so was Shravan. Finally her dream was coming true.

Tiwari Killa.

Sumo: Nanu!!!!!

Nanu: My sweet little Suman!! You remembered your old man after so long??

Sumo: No Nanu! I always miss you!

Nanu: You miss me? Does Shravan give you any free time that you would miss me?

Sumo: (blushing) Whether Shravan gives me free time or not, I will always miss you and I will always love you.

Nanu: And I will always love my precious Suman too! Now tell me, how was your trip??

Sumo: It was a lot of fun Nanu, I had a great time.

Nanu: Did Shravan fulfill all of your big dreams?

Shravan: Of course I did. And I must say, your grand daughter is quiet the scaredy cat!! She just pretends to be rough and tough!! But she isn't!!

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