Chapter 2

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 I left the mirror as yet another migraine spiralled through. This one was stronger. I hated having these headaches. They made me weak. As if being powerless wasn't enough.

Elves had always had the power to manipulate earth. The Queen was very powerful. She could do amazing things. Much as I hated praising her for anything.

Laurel was next, in terms of power. My oldest sister. She had died when I was two, so I didn't remember her at all. And the power kept decreasing through us sisters, with Juniper ending up with the least power.

I had no power.

I couldn't manipulate the earth at all, not make one mound of dirt rise up, much as I had tried.

Possibly the only one in our whole family to be completely powerless, everyone took advantage of this. I could do nothing to stop my mother, and she knew it.

As I held my head in pain, the door flew open again. There was only one person it could be at this time.

"Elvina! Are you alright?" Maple's concerned voice reached me, as a girl with waist-length, honey-blond hair and hazel-colored eyes came in. "I'm fine." I said through gritted teeth. "Another headache?" she asked, concerned.

Maple had been my only friend, ever since Juniper had died. She was only a year older than me, and she was my best friend. I didn't know how she managed to get into my room everyday, and she never told me. Magic? If only I knew. I was of the opinion that the guards felt some pity for me and figured one maid couldn't do anything.

Even though Maple was only a maid at the palace, she had more authority than me. The princess.

"Yeah, but it's gone. I'm good." I replied. "Good. You'll be wanted at the ceremony in some time." she told me. "Thanks." I said. "I'm needed. Bye!" She wrapped her arms around me, and held me there in a quick hug, and scurried out of my room.

I sighed, but before I could relax, the door flew open. No one would ever bother to knock on my door.

There stood a boy, a year older than me, with straight black hair cut neatly, and dark brown eyes.

I stumbled back a step, unable to stop myself.

Forreston smirked as he saw my fear. "Come, Elvina. I'm here to escort you to the ceremony." He walked up to me and put his hand through mine.

I started at his touch.

He smiled crookedly and ordered,"Come." I glared at the floor, and then decided. If I was going out, I was going out fighting.

I yanked my hand out of his. "Get off of me!" 

He stared at me, wide-eyed. In all these years, I'd never dared to raise my voice to him. "You will be punished for this." he hissed dangerously. 

My heart was pounding, but I didn't back down. "Do whatever you want. I don't care anymore." "Maybe I'll do your punishing tonight." he mused, as though he was contemplating what would be for dinner. 

"I don't care." I said, face aflame. "Why should I care what you do to me?" I practically shouted.

He glared right back at me. "I'm your brother, Elvina!"

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