Red Velvet Pancakes

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I woke up feeling so.... Loved. I picked up my phone to see a text from jay.

Jay: good morning beautiful I know your probably not awake yet but I just wanted you to know that I couldn't get you out of my mind and I can't wait to see your beautiful face again and maybe get that kiss we were talking about ☺️😏😉

I blushed hard before jumping into the shower I didn't want to reply to fast and seem desperate.

"What am I gonna saaayyyyy? The choices are ours to make so we can make it !" I giggled to myself singing some jhene aiko people say I look like her .. Or India westbrooks.. I don't see it . I got out the shower and decided I wanted to be super cute today.

I dried off, lotion up then put on my favorite dress a white dress with pink floral print that has a cut out heart in the back. Then I I put on my nude flats and my jewelry. I decided to do a nice barely there shimmery gold eye shadow and a cute cat eye then I put my ombré hair up into a high messy bun and a pink bow I'm front of it. Finally I added some lip gloss puckering my lips in the mirror.

Lastly I changed my case to a glittery gold case that said 'be dazzling'

Melanie: do you have anything light pink ?

Jay: uh yea I have a light pink polo shirt... Why?

Melanie: wear it lol

I took a few pics and made a collage posting it on Instagram then I knocked on my little brothers room.

My brother Aaron is mentally disabled he has autism and is very antisocial but he talks to me the most.

"Aaron sweety get up" I said shaking him softly.

He was calmed by my voice and sat up slowly. If I'm not the one to wake him up he won't go anywhere all day not even to eat or use the bathroom so whenever I'm gone I have go talk through speaker phone in the morning to wake him up.

Jay: alright cutie I will... Wyd?

Melanie: just woke up my little brother

Jay: I didn't know you had siblings

Melanie: just him... What about you? I texted while watching Aaron brush his teeth.

It's really interesting to watch because he hates it when all our tooth brushes and tooth paste are in the same section he also hates it when they are in the bathroom with us.

So he goes to his cubby where he has things we aren't allowed to touch and gets his own tooth paste and tooth brush and goes to the bathroom and runs the water until it's steaming and cleans his tooth brush. He always says someone could be trying to poison him. Then he brushes his teeth and the sink in the kitchen.

Jay: yea a 20 year old brother and a 5 year old sister how old is your brother?

Melanie: he's 8

Jay: oh cool

After Aaron and I were ready I waited with him for his bus as always because if I don't he will go back in the house. He doesn't understand that you can't just leave because you don't want to do something.

Jay: do you want a ride? You too pretty to be riding a bus

I felt myself blush. Aaron said his goodbyes and we touched finger tips (he doesn't like being touched).

Melanie: sure if it's not out of your way

I gave her the address and in five minutes an all black car with black tinted windows rolled up. The window rolled down and their her sexy self was in that pink shirt.

I couldn't help but smile "hi" I said getting into the car and smoothing out my dress before sitting my book bag into my lap.

"Hello you look so beautiful"

"Thank you, your looking pretty good yourself" I said trying not to smile to hard.

My stomach growled.

"Ugh I forgot to eat breakfast" I sighed slumping back. Just because my brother responds to me doesn't mean every morning with him is easy.

"Don't worry about that baby- I uh Mean" she blushes extremely hard making me giggle.

"It's fine you ding have to be embarrassed you were the one saying I was gong to be your girl anyway.

She laughed "well I was going to say we could swing by IHOP we still have 40 minutes before school"

"Omg yes! I would love you forever!"

"Then we are definitely going " she said in a flirty tone.

I didn't want to seem fat in front of her but I had a hunger that only red velvet pancakes could fill before I could think it through she started to order

"Can I get a combo meal with the two red velvet pancakes, sausage and double the hash browns with cheese on them and no eggs? And Apple juice for my drink

Whhooooaaa it's like she read my mind!

"May I please have exactly the same thing?"

"Sure" the waitress said walking off with our menus.

"Copy cat" jay said with a slick smirk.

I gasped "am not! I actually wanted that in the first place you just scanned my brain and stole it from me..."

"Or maybe we are just perfect for each other" she said reaching across the table holding my hand and I felt my heart skip a beat.

After eating she drove me to school and we had first block together. Lovely , a block with Shakira.

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