Packed and ready

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Main things:

Characters: Jane, Patty, Jon, May, Alfred, Andy, Zora, Irene, R.J

Bold letters are you thinking

Many different POVs

Okay, let us start!

Jane's POV:

As I walk down the halls carefully not to wake up my parents because they are going to cry like they are cutting one million onions. Because I'm going on a camping trip for only 5 days. I walk slowly to the kitchen to grab an apple but was surprised to see my parents. "HONEYYYYYYYYYYY WHY DO YOU HAVE TO LEAVE US?"  "GUYS ITS FOR 5 DAY YOU'LL BE FINE."  "NO, I WON'T." "I need to go bye!" I said as I ran out of the house.

Patty POV: I walk out of the house thinking that I forgot something like I always. My mom and dad didn't care though so... ok.

jon POV: I meet my friends at the bus stop and said "Hi "when they were boarding the bus.


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