The hotel was beautiful. I was lucky to be staying at the same hotel as all the Youtubers too, but of course I could only see them secretly just in case Joe saw me. I was extremely tired when I arrived to the hotel after a long flight but Zoe and Jim helped me get settled in. Throughout the night Zoe, Tanya and Louise would come and and see if I was okay. Alfie and Marcus were also texting me a lot too and Caspar brought me pizza. I spent the whole night chilling out before going to sleep due to exhaustion from the jet lag.

Once I woke up I called Marcus' room up to ask what I could do while they were all at Universal Studios and Islands Of Adventure. After two rings he finally answered. "Hello?" He asked in a croaky just-woke-up voice. "Hiya, it's Elena. I was just wondering about what I'm going to do all day with you lot out going to the studios and riding rides and having fun?" I wondered curiously. "Oh yeah, forgot to tell you! Me, Alfie and Caspar have organised you to have a special tour around The Cornell Fine Arts Museum and The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art. The taxi will pick you up at twelve, does that sound okay? Do you like that idea?" Marcus informed me. "It's perfect, thank you all so much." I beamed before hanging up to get ready. It was really hot outside so I wore a light sleeveless turquoise shirt with a cute blue collar and denim navy blue shorts and blue Vans. At twelve sharp my taxi arrived and took me to the museums..

The art was beautiful and it took my breath away, I wanted my work to be on that wall Joe day in the future. After I spent hours being inspired by new and old artists, I returned to the hotel and I quickly met up with the girls and Alfie to confirm the plan for two days time, I was extremely nervous about it.

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