Chapter 21 Andy

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When Danni left the house I found my fingers falling onto my lips. She kissed me. The words "there's no one better for me than you Andy," kept replaying in my mind. But I couldn't. I couldn't like her. I have too much baggage. I have too much pain in my life. I've never had to worry about feelings or relationships in the past so why her? Why is she confusing everything? I threw my fist against the wall, feeling it split my knuckles. I have to keep fighting. I can't let her in. I'm not right for her. I threw another punch. I can't break. I can't be weak again. I groaned, falling back into the chair. Why is it that I can't fight against her? I have to keep her safe. I'm not good enough for her. There's no one better for me than you Andy.

"You're wrong," I whispered to her. I took the ice off my eye and ran my fingers through my hair. She kissed me. I groaned, leaning my head against the wall. What is she doing to me? I ran into my room, changing into a sports bra and shorts. I tied my hair back, slipping my earphones in before running outside. I ran as hard as I could, feeling my heart pound against my ribs. I can't let her like me. I'm not good for her. I let the cold air burn against my sweaty skin. I found myself running laps around the football field. I used everything that I could to run harder and faster each time. My legs were beginning to tire, my head pounding in time with my heart. I didn't know how many laps I had run but I kept going until I fell over in a heap. I let my body rest against the grass.


I woke up the next morning feeling like total and utter shit. My body ached all over. My face was swollen and throbbing. I sighed heavily before forcing myself to get out of bed. I stumbled over to my mirror, holding my side. I lifted my hand and saw the deep purple bruise that sat there. I looked over my face, my left eye was black and my lip was busted and swollen. I slipped into the shower and winced when the hot water burned against my cuts and bruises. I hadn't been this brutally hit since I was fourteen.

"Mum I have to tell you something," I breathed.

"What is it hunny?" she asked, leaning her hand agaisnt mine.

"I'm gay," I whispered, looking away from her. The room fell silent.

"What did she just say?!" Dad yelled, walking into the room.

"Hunny, are you sure?" Mum asked, lifting her hand off of mine.

"Yes mum,"

"You're fucking sick child!" Dad yelled, pulling me by my hair off of the chair.

"Dad stop!" I cried, feeling the hair get ripepd out.

"Hunny please," mum yelled, pulling his hand away from me.

"She is disgusting!" Dad yelled, throwing his hands in the air.

"Hunny, maybe you haven't found the right guy,"

"Mum I'm gay," I cried. Before I knew it, a fist had collided with my face. I looked up and saw Beatrice holding his knuckles. I felt the tears well in my eyes.

"Beatrice-" he sent another hit to my face.

"Stop him!" Mum yelled once he tackled me to the floor and started hitting me.

"He has every right ot hit her Patricia! She is disgusting!" Dad laughed, kicking me in he ribs. I cried out in pain.

"That's enough!" Mum yelled, pulling Beatrice off of me. Dad lifted me off the floor by my shirt.

"Get. Out. Of. My. House," he spat through gritted teeth. His eyes were dark and cold.


"GET OUT!" He yelled, throwing me to the floor. I looked up at mum who said nothing.

"You're a disgrace Andrea! Get out! And don't come back!" He yelled. I quickly ran up to my room, gathering everything that I needed.

"OUT YOU FUCKING DYKE!" Beatrice yelled, hitting me in the ribs aain. I cried out in pain before jumping out my window. I fell into the bush, feeling it stab into my body. I started to run, not taking another glance back at my house. I thought they loved me.

I shivered at the memory of them kicking me out. I got out of the hsower and changed into a shirt and jeans. I winced every time I had to move my left arm. I didn't bother to apply anything to the bruises. I just grabbed my bag and left for school. Unfortunatly Beatrice comes back today. I don't think I'll be able to hold back if I see him. I need to think of something. He needs to be seen for the abusive sick asshole that he is. He needs to be put away or something! He can't just get away with everything that he has done!


I walked into the school, eyes were all over me like the first day. Whispers were shared around. I didn't care. I walked through the doors. People moved out of the way for me. I saw Beatrice walking down the other end of the hall. He had a smug smile on his face. I stared at him expressionless.

"Nice eye," he smirked, looking my body all over. I didn't let my eyes leave his. He lifted my shirt to look at the bruise but I smacked his hand down.

"Someone's fiesty," he laughed, causing some to snicker.

"I advise you move," I told him calmly.

"Or what?" He laughed, taking a step closer to me.

"You may seem like an ice cold bitch Andy but you and I both know that you have no place here. So how about you do us all a favour and leave or kill yourself," he whispered to me so no one could here. I could feel my knuckles tightening. I was about to speak when a body moved between us.

"Leave her alone Beatrice," Danni spoke, pushing him away slightly.

"You're standing up for my dyke of a sister?" He yelled.

"Yes," Danni replied. I watched the anger flick over his eyes before he slapped her across the face. I couldn't hold back anymore. I pounced on top of him and sent punch after punch across his face.

"I told you not to touch her!" I yelled, hitting him until he was out cold.

"OFF HIM NOW!" someone yelled. I felt someone pulling me off of him. I was beyond mad.

"TO MY OFFICE NOW!" The principal yelled, pulling me away.

"THE REST OF YOU GET TO CLASS!" HE yelled over everyone's taunts. I turned back and watched another two teachers grab Beatrice and lift him up. I lastly let my eyes fall on Danni who had tears streaming down her cheeks. She was being held by Narla. I kept my gaze with her until I was forced into the office. This isn't going to be good.

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