Chapter XXXI: United States of North America

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USNA (United States of North America):

Establishment Date: July 4, 2013

Bond: Alliance and Treaty

Governing System: Democratic

Although the USNA consists of a group of countries, its capital is still located in Washington DC, the former capital of the United States, and the financial center remained at New York City's Wall Street. The USNA adopted the US governing system, hold the three main branches: the legislative, judicial, and executive branches. Congress and the House of Representatives remained in the legislative branch, but the representation system has changed. Both Congress and the House of Representatives now consist of members from larger designated areas of a country. Every four years, Congress will elect a member of its own to become the president, who has no term limits and controls one of the world's strongest military.

Encompassed Countries: All North America and the Caribbean except for Panama

Capital: Washington DC

Major Player: United States of America

Standard Currency: Dollars

Key Feature: Strongest Economy

Military Characteristic: Aircraft Carriers

Boasting the world's largest economy and technological advancement, the USNA was able to produce and maintain a massive naval fleet that was still based on its predecessor's idea: a battlegroup with aircraft carriers as its main attack force. With a little help from UNSC defectors during the Unknown Invasion, the USNA was able to develop ships that could travel in the skies and space within a few years. The USNA's new air fleet allows it to dominate the skies using carrier-launched aircraft to contest its enemies while its main fleet stays out of attack range of the enemy. USNAN's capital ships are more suited for long-range combat, as their guns focus on high damage and accuracy, but at a cost of having a slow reload time. The USNAN also prides itself for their fighter aircraft. These fighters can be launched from ground or carrier depending on the situation and are one of the hardest and most dangerous roles in the air force. These aircraft are often used to escort tactical bombers that drop their loads at close range, meaning that the bombers will come under enemy fighter and interceptor attacks, as well as secondary batteries of other ships or surface defense weapons. The role of the fighters is to eliminate enemy aircraft and anti-aircraft batteries on capital ships to let the USNAN gain total air superiority. US ground forces usually rely on air superiority to advance forward, although their ground vehicles are such as their MBTs (Main Battle Tank) are also one of the world's strongest.

Space Travel: Yes

Special Army Forces: Navy SEAL, Delta Force

The Navy SEALs and Delta Force are used to perform special search and destroy missions and are the pinnacle of military service in the USNA. The Navy SEAL, in particular, can be said to be the world's most advanced and well-trained spec op soldiers in the world. The Navy SEALs are heavily deployed against the Unknowns, taking out important installations or assassinating significant figures of the Unknown command. Out of the nine factions' special forces, the Navy SEALs have the highest success and kill rates on their mission.

Intelligence Network: CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)

History: During the Invasion of the Unknowns, the United States, with its fleets stationed in Asia, was the leader of Earth's resistance against the Unknowns. However, the with little known about the Unknowns' attack strategies and weaknesses, the US naval forces located in Asia were pummeled by the advancing Unknowns. Guam and Okinawa fell in the first week. Within two weeks, direct shipping routes from Asia to the Americas were severed. The only way to get goods from  A week later, Hawaii fell along with the US's Third and Seventh Fleets as the front line was pushed back toward the coast of California. Luckily, with the assistance of the UNSC, the North American countries were able to push back Unknown forces and regain territory. On July 4 of 2013, the North American countries banded together and created the USNA, the United States of North America. Panama was invited to join, but due to its updated and enlarged canals, the nation was able to support itself and decided to decline the offer, much to the annoyance of the United States. The united effort of the North American countries meant that its coordinated attacks were able to push the frontlines from the coast of California back into the Pacific Ocean. During the December of 2014, Hawaii was retaken as the USNA forces pushed on with more and more advanced weaponry. The USNA considered invading South America to united the two continents as the southern continent was in complete chaos. However, this move was orchestrated by the UNSC to give the South American countries and future members of the Confederation of South America a reason to unite together. With the south united, the USNA focused on its resources on reconnecting a safe passage between North America and Asia. By 2017, USNA forces came into contact with the Japanese and Korean front-lines. And by 2020, the Northern Pacific Frontline was created after USNA forces were able to surround the Unknowns into a single area after merging frontlines with the Asian coast. The final territory that the Unknowns held, an artificial land piece code-named Infernum, was the final obstacle that stood between the ultimate victory of  Earth. With heavy resistance from Unknown soldiers, it took another ten years for the Union Fleet, created in 2019, to finally capture the area. In 2026, the USNA again tried to unite the two Americas, this time with an alliance. However, the assassination of Henry Johnson, the USNA president, by an unknown group of assassins on the basis that it would tip the balance of the top factions, meant that the USNA was forced to back off with its deal with the CSA. The new USNA president, Bernard Trump, won the emergency election in Congress on a very conservative platform. The sudden switch from liberal ideas to conservative ones meant that there was some friction between the socialistic European Union, the liberal United Nations, and the newly conservative United States of North America on many plans.

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