What would you do if your mate rejected you? You would probably cry over your broken heart and never move on. 17 year old Hayley Evans does the exact opposite. She's happy when her supposed mate rejects her. More than happy, actually, she's ecstatic.

Hayley never wanted a mate-at least not somebody she barely knows-and prefers to leave the slut act to her whore of a sister, Kelly. Despite being the youngest daughter of the Alpha of Cresent Moon pack, Hayley is hated by her father. But all is good, as she hates him with a passion.

The only people she actually cares about in this dog-eat-dog world is her best friend, Liam James, and her other best friend who is like her other half, Brooke Davis, daughter of Hayley's fathers' Beta. The three of them are closer than you could imagine and see themselves as a family.

But once Hayley's 'mate' sees a glimpse of what Hayley is like, he wants her back. But Hayley doesn't want him. In fact, she imagines hitting him with a frying pan to get him to leave her alone.

Things start to change once Brooke is rejected by her mate as well. Hayley and Liam become worried sick about Brooke as things start to happen to her, and Hayley becomes desperate enough to do anything to get Brooke's pain to stop-even go on a date with the mate who rejected her. But the moon goddess has other plans in mind for just who should be Hayley's rightful mate.

Once Brooke gets a new mate, who's even better than the last, she tells Hayley that since her mate rejected her, Hayley now has a new mate (which would explain why Hayley feels nothing for her ex mate and no pain when he cheats on her). But just who is Hayley's new mate? Turns out, he might be closer than she thinks.

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