Chapter 4: Bacon!

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''Hello earth to Anna'' Hannah snapped her fingers in front of my face, trying to get me out of the funk I have been in all morning.

''Sorry for spacing out on you Han, I had a crazy morning'''. I closed my locker and tried to stop my stomach from growling.

Basically Ethan stole all of the hot water, I woke up with only 20 minutes to get ready, I got detention for not completing the nonexistent history homework  and I forgot to eat breakfast. 

What a sad day for Anastasia Ryn Crawford.

I sighed as I remembered the Delicious Choc chip pancakes that Charlotte made. The though of food made my stomach wail. 

''What do you have next'' Hannah asked me as we made our way to her classroom. I looked at my schedule ''Something called Science'' I shrugged. ''Well this is my stop. See you Anna'' Hannah waved as she walked into her Maths class.

I continued to follow the flow of student as I made my way to the Science block, stopping in front of what looks like a deserted classroom. I opened the door and looked around at the small amount of desks, the dusk on the chalkboard and the cobwebs in the corners of the classroom. 

Sure makes me feel homey.

''Who the F*ck are you?'' A group of guys walked into the classroom and stared at me. 

''Who the F*ck are me, Who the F*ck are you?'' I said confused in how the hell I got in a classroom with a bunch of guys.

''Well Im Matthew, Alec, Beau, Hayden and the idiot that freaked you out is Kieran'' Matthew pointed at everyone. 

''Im Anastasia and why are we in a abandoned Science Lab'' I asked the guys. ''Its not abandoned Anastasia, just not as flashy as the other classes'' A teacher came out of the prep room ''Im Mrs Saint, your Science teacher for this year. The school had to cut back on a lot of things and I guess our class was one of them'' Mrs Saint said.

''Oh but I still don't understand, why are their only 6 kids in the class'' I glanced at the guys and then turned to face Mrs Saint.

''You are in the Advanced Science Class Anastasia. Their are only a few who can get into this class and you are one of them'' Mrs Saint said, sweeping the dust of her desk.

''Well take a seat and pull out your textbooks to page 47'' 


''Hello Anastasia here'' I was walking home when I got a call from Caroline. ''Anna where are you we have a meeting and the new warehouse is afternoon'' Carol shrieked into the phone.

''Oh shit thats what I forgot'' I slapped my head, how the hell did I forget a meeting?. ''Hurry up you have less than 10 minutes before your brother arrives'' Carol started to freak out, my brother was nice at times but that is when you don't get on his bad side. I shuddered just thinking about what he would do to me. 

''I'll be there soon'' Carol chirped out a bye and I began running to the warehouse.

The warehouse is a large wooden building on the edge of the local docks. It has high windows for natural light and it is split into two levels. The upstairs has bedrooms for the gang and a few supply rooms full of food, weapons and machinery. Downstairs has a large living space with a spacious kitchen overlooking the lake. 

I sprinted into the kitchen, out of breath and legs sore from the run over. ''Anastasia Ryn Crawford, where were you. I called your cell a million times and it went to voicemail every time. I was worried that something happened'' Charlotte came over and gave me a big hug.

I pulled out my dead phone ''Out of charge Char''. I placed it on the counter and walked into the living area. ''So whats the meeting about this time'' I cracked my fingers and took a seat on the couch. 


''Morning Ana, how are you this lovely morning'' Xander said from behind the Kitchen counter. ''Gimme food and coffee now. I cannot function'' I slumped into a stool and watched as a plate of eggs and bacon was placed in front of me. 

''Morning Ant'' Manson slapped me on the back and stole a piece of bacon from my place. ''You bacon thief'' I jumped on Manson and we tumbled to the ground. ''Give it back'' We both tugged on the piece of bacon until it snapped.

''Noooo'' We both wailed as the bacon split in two. ''My precious'' A tear sneaked out of Manson's eye. ''Guys their's a whole plate of bacon over here'' Xander pointed to the other side of the kitchen where Jamie and Jacob were stuffing the bacon into their mouths. 

''MINE'' I shouted out as I hurled my body over the table to Jamie. ''MOVE IT SKUNKS'' I grabbed the plate and tipped the contents into my mouth. ''Skunks? really Ana?'' Jacob walked backwards out of the room while Jamie grabbed a piece of bacon off the floor.

''What happened?'' Charlotte walked in through the front door and dropped her bag on the couch. Sliding her shoes off she took a seat at the table. 

''Bacon happened''


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