Protective Asuka Langely Soryu x Male Reader x Protective Mari

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A/N: requested by EvoJaden. (One again, didn't work. Someone should mention him in the comments to let him know). Enjoy.

(Now before some of you complain that it's another AU thing. You try doing a Yandere story taking place in the regular universe where they're too busy with the angels).

You found Asuka And mari to be very protective of you. Which you found was just a little too much. Plus you didn't see much of the two getting along with each other when they're only ones around you. But whenever there's another woman around. It's like they just suddenly change out of nowhere and get all bitchy with said woman.

(Y/N): again with this?

To start things off, there was Asuka Langley Sohryu.

(Not to be confused with the shikinami one. Though it's nearly the same being so what does it matter).

Asuka was a very proud individual, especially when she came across to you as proud and strong, with a very high opinion of both her appearance.

(Particularly her recently "busty" body).

Then there's Mari Makinami Illustrious, who had shown to have more of an enigmatic personality. Though she has shown to be just as violent as Asuka can be when it comes to certain aspects.

Mari: (Y/N) doesn't need someone like you to be protecting him.

Asuka: like you're any better. If anything, you're much worse than me.

(Y/N): this is going well. -_-

You heard And knock on the door and went to answer it since Asuka and mari were still arguing amongst each other. You saw your lady friend, Christie.

(Y/N): oh hey.

Christie: judging from the look on your face, I'm guessing that both Asuka and mari were arguing again.

(Y/N): yep. Just come on in. They'll find out eventually anyway.

Christie came in and sat on the cough with you.

Christie: so how have you been lately?

(Y/N): I've been good. Would've been better if not for the constant arguing and overprotectiveness of Asuka and mari.

Christie: don't worry, someday I'm sure they'll probably learn to calm themselves.

(Y/N): doubt it.

Christie: oh come on, it's not like they'll kill anyone.

You both noticed as Asuka and mari were standing in front of you both with pissed expressions.

Asuka: 🔥_🔥 

Mari: 🔥_🔥

(Y/N): don't be too sure on that.

Christie: I should go then.

(Y/N): at this point, they don't really need to tell you.

Christie: well, I'll see ya later then.

She walks out of the house and closes the door. Asuka and mari were about to give you the usual talk about when other women were with you.

(Y/N): yeah, I'm gonna haft to stop you both right here. All you've done was constantly bitch among each other and bitch at other women when they try to talk to me. You're both being way to overprotective and it just needs to stop.

The two of them got quiet for a moment before you got up.

(Y/N): if you excuse me, I'll be heading out for a while. Some time away from you both can do me some good for a while.

Asuka & Mari: ?!

You were about to walk out the door until your arm got gripped by Asuka and the back of your shirt was yanked by mari. You looked back at them as they both were really pissed.

 You looked back at them as they both were really pissed

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(Y/N): I uh

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(Y/N): I uh......really fucked up when I said "some time away from you both would do me some good for a while" didn't I?

Asuka & Mari: big time.

(Y/N): ehehehe......w.....would you be suprised if I said I was just kidding? 😅

Asuka: we'll show you just how protective we can be.

They pulled you back into the house and locked the door. Your choice of words lead to them showing how protective they really were. No one saw you again. And to anyone who tried to ask where you were, Asuka and mari would just say you dissappeared.

A/N: next is Taila Al Ghul x Male Reader x Lady Shiva.

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