Chapter 2: The First Day

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"Audrey?" Darian's voice echoed throughout the hall of our apartment.

Standing in the shower, I sighed, "What?"

"Do you want anything to eat for breakfast?" he yelled back, his voice sounding distorted from me standing under the water.

"No, I'm good thanks, we can stop at a Starbucks to get some coffee," rinsing the shampoo out of my hair quickly, I added, "We don't have much time, we're gonna be late if we eat anyways."

"M'kay," I heard Darian respond.

Shutting off the water and grabbing a towel, I started to dry off and get dressed.

Two weeks have gone by. Darian and I fell into a nice routine of having breakfast together every morning and binge watching Netflix for most of the day. Grey's Anatomy in particular, has be our go-to show for the past week. Sometimes we go to the bookstore by the apartment, but for the most part, we haven't gone out much. Mainly because we're too anxious to go out and actually enjoy ourselves.

Classes start today. Both Darian and I are extremely nervous, it's our first year of university and we have no idea what to expect. Luckily, we are in the same Literary Arts program so we did have some classes together.

Not bothering to do much about my tangled up honey coloured hair, I bundled it into a bun on the top of my head.

When I got outside the bathroom, Darian was already dressed in his jacket, beanie, and boots. I laughed seeing him stand at the door looking completely unnerved, "Hey, it's going to be okay. At least we have this class together, we'll get through the day, alright?"

Darian gave me an uneasy nod, "Let's just get some Starbucks. I need me some mocha."

Nodding my head, I grabbed my bag and keys, "Let's do this."

A few minutes later, Darian and I were outside the university, sipping our coffees, and attempting to muster courage to go to the class that starts in ten minutes.

Darian's phone chimed, "Oh, for shits sake."

I turned to my roommate, "You good?"

Darian rolled his blue eyes and sighed, "My brother wants to hang out tonight."

"I take it you don't like him all that much?" I responded, taking a sip of my coffee.

"No, I do," he groaned, "But I can only take him in small doses."

"Why's that?"

Darian took a moment to text his brother back and then looked at me, "He's loud and tends to make annoying comments about me."

Slow anger started to rise from the pit of my stomach, "Is it because you're gay? Because I will happily dump this scorching hot coffee on his narrow minded head."

"Oh my God, Audrey," Darian chuckled, "No, he doesn't make fun of me because I'm gay. But thank you for wanting to defend me," he took a long sip of his mocha drink, "No, it's because I'm school crazy. Ever since middle school, I have been a top notch overachiever. He finds that amusing, especially once he graduated high school he ditched academics and decided to frolic in the wind."

I nodded my head, "Ah, so you guys are polar opposites? My sister and I are like that too. She became a yoga instructor."

"Do you do yoga?" Darian asked with a smirk.

"Hell no," I finished the last of my coffee and started for the door, "Yoga, or any form of exercise, is not something I enjoy."

"I've always wanted to learn Tai Chi," my roommate mused.

Rolling my eyes, we made our way down the long and open hallway, "Well, if you want, I can come with you to see your brother."

Darian gave me a dazzling smile, "You are the best roommate ever."

I gave him a smirk, "I know."

With that, we finally found our class which was closest to the back entry. Good to know for next time, I guess.

When we entered the classroom, a wave of anxiety hit me. The room looked like it came out of the movie Paper Chase. It was  giant and surrounding the professor's podium was about a hundred seats — most likely more.

Most students had already taken their seats, laptop at the ready. Darian and I exchanged a look and found a seat closest to the back, seeing as they were the only few available.

The professor walked in, with a light-hearted look on his face. He was about late forties, early fifties at most, with salt and pepper hair, and round glasses sat on the tip of his nose, "Hello everyone, I am Professor Wellman and I will be you American Literature professor this year. I hope you all will adjust well to university, it is a big jump from high school. Rest assured, there are resources available for your use, that being said, take advantage of them."

Professor Wellman peered around the room, as if he was trying to make eye contact with each and every one of his students. Once he saw each of our faces, he took his place at his podium, "Okey dokey, let's begin."

"Did he just say okey dokey?" Darian whispered under his breath to me.

Biting back a small laugh, I nodded my head, "I believe he did so, yes."

Three hours later, Darian and I were walking back to Starbucks, desperately needing another mocha fix.

"That was the longest lecture of my life," I groaned, barely able to keep up with my quick-paced friend.

Darian laughed, "Obviously, you fell asleep for nearly an hour of it."

We got to Starbucks and was immediately attacked by the smell of coffee beans and cinnamon. After we ordered our drinks, we stood waiting for the barista to finish making them.

"I did not sleep for an hour," I rolled my eyes and started to fiddle with the sleeve of my favourite navy blue peacoat jacket, "It was like, forty five minutes."

Darian gave me a challenging look that said otherwise.

Sighing, I said, "I didn't get much sleep last night. I stayed up late waiting for Noah to Skype me but he forgot."

The barista finished making our drinks, handing them to Darian and I. We then made our way back to the apartment, which was another ten minute walk.

"He forgot to Skype you?" Darian asked, "That can't be good."

I shrugged, "He was out with his friends last night so my bet is he wasn't sober enough to use a computer anyways."

"That doesn't bother you?" My roommate questioned, taking a tiny sip of his second mocha of the day.

I shrugged, "I mean, I can't get pissed that he hangs out with his friends, that would be absurd," I kicked a nearby pebble with my brown heeled ankle boot, "But he is a nasty drunk."

"Nasty how?" Darian cocked a brow, intrigued with my sudden worry.

Before I respond, I take a large sip of my coffee, not caring it is absolutely smoldering, "It depends how much he drinks. The first few drinks, he's happier and goofier than usual. Once he passes a certain amount, he gets all gloom and doom. He'll start to get either very angry or very sad. Most of the time it's angry. Not at me, but in general. It's just not very fun to be around."

"Yeah, I could imagine," my friend muttered. After a few minutes of silence, he said, "Well tonight, it's our time to go out. I promise you it will be the best night of your life."

I let out a laugh, "Meeting your brother will be the best night of my life?"

Darian gave me a smirk with a bit of a shrug, as we continued to walk to our apartment.

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