Chapter 2

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"I'm dead," Mari said, sitting on the couch next to Cris. She let out a huge sigh and leaned back.

"What happened?" Cris asked without taking his eyes from his phone.

"Nothing, just this huge job." She rubbed her eyes. "I thought the Olympics meant vacation for those who didn't go."

Cris snorted. "If grandma hears this, you'll get a huge lecture."

"Shut your mouth," she said, pushing Cris with her leg. "What are you doing here, little cousin?"

"Waiting for dad to bring me a file."

"Oh yeah. They're assigning a new athlete to you. What's his name?"

"Nelson," Cris answered. He searched the name on the internet and showed a news with a photo. "I don't know anything about him, but this is the guy I'll be managing."

In what seemed like a huge effort, Mari moved closer to her cousin. When she saw the photo, she took the phone from his hands. "Wow, he's hot!"

"Can't deny that," Cris said, pulling his phone back with a smile.

"Ah, ah," Mari sighed and leaned back on her seat. "I'm so jealous. When I was a manager, I never took care of a hot guy. The most memorable one was that girl who could break me like a twig."

"Oh yeah. I remember her." Cris laughed and put the phone away. "Anyway, from what I heard, he's a good guy. I deserve someone like this after that girl. And dad already warned me to not go overboard. Especially after that guy..."

"He was worried about you. We all were, but uncle... I had never seen him so furious..."

"Is that so?" Cris tried to keep his expression neutral, but it was hard to keep his smile under check.

"Hey, show me that pic again." When her cousin pulled the phone and showed to her, Mari widened her eyes. "Is this Nelson the one from that car crash?" Cris nodded and Mari whistled. "Assigning you someone who hasn't been in the pool for so long..."

"Yeah... No pressure at all on us," Cris said with a weak and hollow laugh.

"That has to be grandma's doing. I'll bet she has expectation that you can help him."

"You know what? It's amazing you managed to say that with so much sincerity. For a moment I almost believed in you."

"You know me. Always sincere." Mari smiled.

"More like always making people uncomfortable."

Mari opened her mouth to reply, but before she could say anything else, a voice echoed through the living room.

"But Grandma! That's not fair!" their cousin's voice echoed from the corridor.

"Speaking of the devil," Cris muttered as a girl came trailing after their grandma. Mari sniggered and covered as a cough.

"My decision is final," the old woman said in a dignified manner to the girl. The girl ran and stood before the grandma.

"Please, listen to me! It wasn't my fault! Can't you just—"

"I had warned you. More than once," the woman interrupted her granddaughter with an icy voice. She stood to her full height, and on the heels, she towered the girl. "Your performance has been mediocre, at best, and you never listened to your superior's feedback. You were late several times and even chose to ignore when your father told you not to go to that party yesterday."

"I was just celebrating after a hard exam."

"You missed your work for no decent reason. You're no longer an intern at our clinics."

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