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Lisa stomped into the bedroom she and Chaeyoung shared, her face like thunder. She passed Chae in silence, her shoulder knocking hers as if she wasn't there. Chae turned and watched Lisa climb under she covers, glaring at the back of her head. She mumbled angrily to herself and got into her own bed, facing the wall away from Lisa.

They'd fought. Again. Like usual, Lisa had got angry and Chae had got upset. Lisa had taken the first move and decided to give Chaeng the silent treatment, walking past her as if she didn't exist and going straight to sleep. Chae on the other hand had tried to reason with Lisa multiple times, but gave up once she realised Lisa was never gonna listen. Now she too, would give Lisa the silent treatment.

Chae turned off light and hugged her knees close to her chest as she stared at the wall. For the moment she was still angry but she knew that in time she would become upset and probably cry, begging Lisa to forgive her, even if the argument was caused by Lisa. She just couldn't stand Lisa being angry or upset with her.

Once her breathing had calmed down she began to rely the argument in her head. Thinking back now it was stupid. She'd been dismissive to Lisa the whole day, and when Lisa finally brought it up Chae exploded. In truth Chae had been angry with Lisa because she stayed round Jennie's the night before whilst Chae was left home alone. She hated it when Lisa went round Jennie's. Chae had no problem with Jennie herself, she just hated the fact that her and Lisa were so close. Lisa always told Chae that no one was closer than her but she always felt like Jennie and Lisa were something different. Something special. She hated being 2nd best to Lisa and that's what it felt like.

Chae rolled over in her bed to face Lisa's bed, she could just make out her tall figure in the sheets in the dim light coming from the hallway. She couldn't quite tell but it looks like Lisa is asleep. Chae closed her eyes and hugged her knees tighter, feeling the sadness coming on. Soon she'll be crying, she knew it.

Why can't Lisa like me best? She says she does, but she always seems happier with Jennie... They always have more fun than when me and Lisa are together. Is Lisa getting bored of me?? Am I annoying her?? Does she even like me???? Uhhh, I hate myself...

Chae opened her eyes again and tried desperately to hold back the tears. They fell anyway, trailing down her cheeks and onto her pillow. She cried silently and began to think more and more about Lisa and Jennie. She began overthinking. Like she always did.

Why is she so upset and angry that Lisa likes Jennie better? It's not like they're dating or anything, they're just friends. Good friends. Best friends. Or at least they were... Jennie's Lisa's new best friend now. She wants to be Lisa's favourite, she always has wanted to be. Why can't Lisa stick with just Chae? Why Jennie too? Was she not enough?

Slowly she sat up, wiping her tears away and sniffing. She lowered her legs to the floor silently. Was Lisa asleep yet? She listened out and heard heavy breathing. She should be asleep now, she always falls asleep quickly.

Chae tiptoed out of bed and over to Lisa's bed, her eyes watering still. She looked over at her and saw her eyes were closed and her face in a peaceful sleep. She sat down on the edge of her bed and wiped her tears on Lisa's sheets.

"Why do you like her more than me?" She whispered, scared to wake her. "Why? What makes her better than me?" She lay her head down next to Lisa's and pulled the covers over herself. "Why can't you like me the best? I like you the best. Out of everyone," She sniffed and wiped away a single tear. "You're the best person I've ever known. You treat me so nicely and kindly even though you find me annoying. Until now. Now you treat her better," Chae paused and put her face in her hands. "You used to like me the most. What changed...?"

Chae curled her knees up and pressed them against Lisa's back lightly. She put her face in her knees and sobbed quietly. "You make me cry like this yet I still love you with my whole heart," she whispered so quietly. "I just wish you'd love me back..." And with that she began to cry loudly, her body shaking.

"I do," she heard a whisper that immediately made her freeze. She looked up from her knees to find herself face to face with Lisa. Lisa was smiling. Chaeyoung's heart stopped. She heard all that???!!

"W-what?" Chae whispered. Lisa wiped away Chae's tear and put and arm around her body. "I do you love you," Chae blinked. "With my whole heart," Lisa pulled Chaeng to her body and hugged tight. "And you're such an idiot," Chae froze again. "Of course I like you the most. You know I do, always Chaeng, I never liked anyone better, ever, and never will,"

"Really...? But you seem so much happier with Jennie..." Chae whispered looking up at Lisa. Lisa shook her head. "I'm not, I'm happiest when I'm with you. And I don't find you annoying dummy," She bopped Chae's nose. "It's you. You're my favourite. Always you,". Then she hugged Chae tight and pressed her lips on her forehead before resting her chin on the top of her head. "I love you Chaeng,"

"I love you too Lalisa," she mumbled as she wrapped her arms around Lisa's middle. "I'm sorry I yelled at you earlier, I was just jealous,"

"Don't worry Chae, I'm sorry I yelled too,"
And within minutes they were sound asleep in each others arms.

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