Dating a "Taller" girl

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Authors note: It's kind of hard to find fanfic for tall girls. I'm 6ft tall and It gets a little annoying when I'm shorter than Fuyuhiko or Souda. So you're maybe 5'10-6ft

* A little insecure about you being taller
* Especially in public
* He actually stops holding hands with you in public because people judge
* when you're alone he's a lot different
*He likes hugging you because he can lean on you
* He also likes sleeping on top of you, using your chest as a pillow
* He notices that your upset about your height but compliments you on it
*He tries giving you his jerseys to wear and is shocked when they fit
*he then has to explain when you think he calls you fat.
*He thought it would be too short.

* He doesnt mind at all
*He loves the fact that you're tall
*He goes out of his way to make sure that your happy
*He refuses to let your height be an insecurity
* He buys you high heels to wear because you shouldn't always have to wear flats and sneakers with him.
* He also knows how hard it is for you to find dresses so he special orders some for you
* He's maybe the best when it comes to height
* You use him as a teddy bear and he loves cuddling
* He also loves piggy back rides. Absolutely adores them.

* She doesn't really care
* She uses you often as reference for characters in her books
* Also insists on you topping
* She likes to bottom when you're bigger
* She feels calmer and more relaxed when you spoon
*If you want her to melt in your arms, hug her from behind and bury your face in her neck
*Jack on the other hand isn't as pleased with you being tall
* She likes being on top and in charge
*But even Jack sometimes gets a little weak in the knees when you hold her

*Is also a little uncomfortable
* He has no idea where to put his hands and where to hold you without it looking awkward
* Luckily If you both sit, you are the same height
* His favorite thing is hugging you from behind and resting his head on your neck/back
* If he hugs you from behind, he will start rocking from side to side
*This will also slowly turn into him dancing with you
* He constantly reminds you how happy you make him
* He loves that he can look up into your eyes
*Your height makes him feel safe

*Hes not used to girls being taller
* He still will hold onto your waist in public
* Also expect expensive heels and nice Dresses from him
* if you're joining the Togami empire, you're going to look like it
*He won't admit it but he likes how he has to stand on his toes to kiss you
*He gets snappy when people judge your relationship because of your height
*Isnt afraid to stand up to people for you

*She LOVES it
*she loves putting her arms around your neck
* Standing on her toes to hug or kiss you makes her happy
*did I mention she loves being carried by you?
*She loves it
*also She loves to cuddle you
*she feels so safe in your arms
*she secretly wishes she was tall like you
*but she loves you so damn much

*She also loves it
* She loves having your hands on her waist when you dance or hold her
* She sits on your lap when you watch TV
* She also adores wearing your clothes because they're big on her
*Cuddles and Snuggles are her favorite with you
* She also is one who loves laying on top of you

*H OW?!
*He doesn't know how to act either
* He most likely thinks of you as a goddess or something
* Still loves to be the big spoon
* He often helps finding clothes for you because most are too small
*He isn't afraid to be affectionate with you

*He secretly loves it
*He loves how he has to pull you down to kiss him
* How his face is shoved in your chest when you hug
* He thinks you look so hot when you wear heels
* He spends so much money on you and regrets none of it
* He likes being the big spoon and snuggling Into your neck at night
*he isn't afraid to be the small spoon though

* Doesn't mind at all
* He's still going to be affectionate
* likes being either spoon
* You can lay on him or him on you. He loves it either way
* He doesn't mind having to go on his toes to kiss you
*he just loves affection as is

* He would be a little surprised
*no judgement from him though
* He loves looking into your eyes
*Hes still slightly taller but doesn't care
* He constantly gives you compliments and reassures you that he loves you
* Also would make sure you would wear heels If you wanted too

*Hes happy!
*Gonta loves seeing how happy you get
* He doesn't feel like he is going to hurt you as much
*He still holds back, afraid to hurt you
* He likes that he doesn't completely tower over you
*He feels more normal and less intimidating

* Everyone's tall compared to him
* He really doesn't mind
* He's not super big on PDA so he doesn't worry
* He knows people will stare either way
*He likes to sit on your lap
*also loves to be held
*just in general
* Just tells you to embrace the fact that you're tall

*He also doesn't mind
* He will hide behind you and then jump on your back
* He finds your height sexy
*might play with you and call you names
*Gigantor, Megatall, etc.
* Also does those "hows the weather up there" jokes
*But if you're feeling bad, he won't hesitate to be serious
* He will compliment your height and shower your face in kisses
*"I promise to you that I'm not lying."

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