Let the games begin

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(3rd Person POV)

After Kazuto and Shino were at the mall, the two headed into the middle of Tokyo where the first event would take place.

Kazuto sparked his motorcycle on the side of the road and Shino jumped off the bike while taking off the helmet and handing it to Kazuto.

He put both the helmets away, then walked with Shino across the busy street and noticed lot of other players were gathered around.

Shino got her Augma on and sighed.

"This is gonna be fun." Shino said excitedly.

"Yeah..fun.." Kazuto muttered.

She looked at him concerned again wondering why he had been acting the way he was. Before she could mention anything, she noticed Tsuboi and his friends were waving in their  direction.

"Hey, Tsuboi." Shino said with a smile.

"You guys ready to battle?" Tsuboi smirked and everyone cheered.

"Kazuto, your Augma. Get ready." Shino whispered as she nudged him slightly.

He nodded and pulled the Augma out of his pocket and placed it on one of his ears.

"Ordinal Scale activate!" Everyone yelled and everywhere all around them completely changed of scenery.


My 'Kirito' username appeared above my head as it did for Shino and the other players as well.

A girl with white long hair and red eyes appeared with a microphone in hand.

"Is everyone ready?" The singer asked.

The clock on one of the buildings struck 9:00 and a huge samurai looking boss appeared.

This was all too familiar and I wasn't liking it...

Shino's outfit was in green and and she had the hecate in her hands ready to shoot.

I looked down at the sword I had in  my hand...

All too familiar.....

I put my thoughts aside and charged full force at the boss, but ended up losing my balance and tripped headfirst into the pavement.

"Kirito!" Sinon called out and quickly ran to my side and helped me up on my feet before the boss could attack.

I ran with Sinon and she stopped where she was and aimed right at the boss.

I kept my sword up ready to defend if necessary.

The boss came running our way, but Klein got it distracted and Sinon kept her aim and shot directly at the boss.

The boss charged right at us and used one of its attacks at Sinon, but I stood in front and deflected the attack which aimed right at the singer on stage...

A guy who looked built moved fast and deflected the attack with his blade and it hit a wall.

Eiji was the name..huh.

After all of us fought and Sinon had the last shot on the boss and won for all of us..

And me..I didn't even do much..barely protecting Sinon or any of our friends....

The singer named 'Yuna' appeared right in front of Shino and gave her a peck on the cheek which caught her off guard and I glared daggers.

"congratulations, Sinon! You're the winner!" Yuna announced and everyone cheered.

"Until next time!" Yuna waved, then disappeared.

Eiji was even gone..which was odd..

Everyone was looking at their stats.

I was hopeless....and didn't even level up like the others did. Shino ended up getting most points too.

"Kirito, did you level up?" Klein asked me and I shook my head.

"No.." I muttered while rubbing the back of my head slightly.

Shino looked in my direction with concern in her eyes.


Kazuto looked away embarrassed.

What is going on with him?

"Hey, guys..Kazuto and I are gonna head out. See you guys later." I say to Tsuboi and his friends.

Tsuboi looked at Kazuto slightly concerned and then nodded.

"Yeah, see ya." He replied, then headed off with his friends.

Kazuto drove me to my apartment on his motorcycle.

He walked me up the stairs and I noticed he still looked down from earlier.

"Kazuto, what's been going on? I've noticed you looked down ever since you got the Augma. You didn't even look excited when we were at the mall or when we with Tsuboi and his friends battling. What's up?" I ask trying to confront him.

I hated seeing him like this.

Kazuto sighed and looked into my eyes with worry.

"I...just have a bad feeling about the Augma..Im not sure why, but I do. And I can't shake it off." Kazuto said quietly.

I cupped his cheeks with my hands to make him look into my eyes again.

"Kazuto, whatever it is, I'm sure we can face it together. You and I have been through a lot. I'm sure things are fine." I tried to reassure him.

He sighed and then gave me that soft yet sweet smile I loved so much of his.

"You're right..but if there's any signs of danger, I want you to promise me not to use your Augma alone unless I'm with you." Kazuto said meaning it.

"Okay, I promise." I replied.

{3rd person}

Kazuto smiled at Shino softly and gently pulled her into his embrace.

Shino wrapped her arms around his neck and went on her tiptoes and pressed her lips onto his.

He sweeped her off her feet and carried her the rest of the way to her apartment.

Kazuto set her down onto her feet and gave her one last kiss, then looked into her eyes.

"I love you, Shino. I'll see you tomorrow." Kazuto whispered.

"I love you too. Good night." Shino whispered back, then headed into her apartment.

Kazuto headed down to his motorcycle and put on his helmet.

Were things really okay? He thought to himself as he drove off to home.

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