Castle Leoch Pt.2

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"You have?" The shock and confusion was evident in Claire's voice and Elizabeth tried her best not to roll her eyes.

"Of course, didn't ye say that ye would help me prepare the meal for later tonight?"

"Oh, right." Turning to look behind her, Claire gave Rupert a cold glare, "I best be going."

Elizabeth only held out the basket and waited for Rupert to take it. She knew that Dougal had sent him to spy on Claire. The whole castle knew. Claire was a mysterious figure who had appeared and held the accent of a Brit. No one knew who she was, why she was here, and what her purpose was.

"Don't want to missing your meal now, do ye?" Elizabeth questioned, her true intentions evident as she forced the basket into Rupert's hand and gave him a cold glare, "Better make sure that everyone gets their share, don't want them coming and complaining to Glenna."

To say Claire was shocked was an understatement. For the past few days, she had noticed how Elizabeth had gone out of her way to purposely avoided, but now that she helping her escape Rupert, Claire didn't know what to say or to think. She watched as Rupert begrudgingly took the basket and headed back towards the stables. Claire jumped as she felt a hand lightly touch her shoulder and turned to meet Elizabeth's cool gaze.

"We should go." And with that Elizabeth had turned and headed down the hill, Claire hesitantly following.


The next night, Elizabeth stood cautiously in the great hall. She tried to get Glenna to excuse her from the events of tonight, because she hated watching people get injured, but Glenna refused and told her that people were starting to notice her absents from these events. Elizabeth sighed and fidgeted with the strings of her golden-brown dress. Glenna had told her to wear one of her nicer dresses, and since Elizabeth only owned two nice dresses (one which was her wedding gown), she had decided on the dress that her sister had made her before she left.

Standing in the middle of the crowd, Elizabeth couldn't help but look to see if Jamie was standing on the other side of the hall. There was a vacant strip going down the middle, allowing Colum to have room to walk down and for whatever was going to be happening tonight. Elizabeth honestly didn't know why she had to attend tonight nor did she know what was going on. A sudden hand on her shoulder caused Elizabeth to gasp and turn around, slightly relaxing when she saw Jamie's face.

"What are ye doing?" Elizabeth hissed as she gently pulled Jamie's hand from her shoulder. Not many people knew that she was married to the nephew of Colum and Dougal.

Despite Elizabeth's harsh voice and cold eyes, the twinkle in Jamie's eyes only seemed to grow. He knew that she wasn't really made at him, she was just confused about his sudden reappearance and the fact that he had brought a woman along with him.

"I was hoping that I could stand with my wife," Jamie responded, noticing the quick flicker of surprise in Elizabeth's eyes before she put her guard back up. Sighing, Elizabeth only pushed Jamie in front of her.

"Ye can't, but ye can stand in front of me." Elizabeth immediately straightened as the bagpipes began to play. Silence fell across the room as Colum and Dougal walked down the aisle and Colum took a seat in the chair, the bag pipes stopping.

As soon as the talking began, Elizabeth knew why she was here and she silently rolled her eyes. Twisting the ring around her finger, Elizabeth allowed the evening to pass by slowly, not mentioning anything when she noticed Jamie's attempts of trying to get closer to her by slowly backing up. She couldn't help but allow the blush rush to her cheeks when she caught him turning to gaze at her. The night seemed to pick up its pace as case after case came and went, happily settled; that was until Laoghaire MacKenzie was brought forth. Elizabeth's ears perked as her brother explained why she was here. Swallowing, she turned her to catch Jamie's gaze, not noticing the pair of prying eyes watching them.

"Nach fiú smaoineamh faoi, Jamie." Elizabeth tried to keep her eyes cold and guarded, but she knew that Jamie easily saw right through them. He knew that she was scared of the events that were about to occur. Laoghaire's brother had requested that she was to be punished for her loose behavior and Jamie knew that it pained and frightened Elizabeth to see people purposely be injured or be caused pain.

"Nach bhfuil sé sin ceart." Even though Elizabeth knew that Jamie had a point, she also knew that there was no reason for him to interfere. She knew what he was planning on doing, and as much as she loathed seeing people in pain, she never wanted to see Jamie in pain.

"Jamie, le do thoil." Elizabeth begged, her eyes slightly watering, "Nach é seo a."

Jamie only ignored her pleads before walking out and standing before his uncles. Elizabeth inhaled deeply as she heard him state that he was willing to take Laoghaire's place and take the punishment instead, and swallowed as Colum agreed. Elizabeth bit her lip as Jamie chose to take fists over the strap and wanted Agnus to perform the punishment. Elizabeth caught Jamie's eye as he looked her way in the crowd and looked away, not because she was ashamed of his actions, rather that she was frightened of what would follow.

Elizabeth flinched as Agnus threw the first punch, hitting Jamie in the gut. As soon as Jamie straightened, Agnus threw the next one, hitting Jamie in the side. As the punishment dragged on, Elizabeth couldn't help but wince and flinch as though she was the one being punched. Elizabeth drew blood as she bit down on her lip when Jamie was punched in the face and a loud crunch echoed through the hall. Closing her eyes, Elizabeth didn't have to see to know that whatever Jamie had just spat out was blood. With a punch like that, a broken nose was the only diagnosis. As Elizabeth's eyes flickered back open, she could only stare in shock as Dougal gave a nod to continue the punishment and she immediately knew that something was wrong. When blood had been drawn, the punishment had ended, so why was Jamie's continuing.

As Angus reared his fist back, Elizabeth's eyes widened in horror as he sent a punch straight to his dislocated shoulder. A sharp gasp left Elizabeth's throat and echoed through the hall as Agnus punched Jamie across the face, causing him to fall to the floor. Elizabeth watched as Agnus helped Jamie up and as Jamie bowed to Colum. Before she could stop herself, Elizabeth had already walked to where Jamie stood as wrapped his good arm around her shoulder, helping him out of the room. She felt the stares from the people of the room, but she could care less at the current moment. Her husband was hurt and needed her assistance.

Kicking open the door to the Healer's room, Elizabeth led Jamie over to the bed and gently sat him down on it. After making sure that he was comfortable, Elizabeth walked over to the bucket near the window and drew him a cup of water. Elizabeth handed him the cup before she headed towards the fireplace and dipped a clean rag into the warm water.

"What were you thinking, Jamie?" Elizabeth asked, lightly dabbing the wound on his cheek. She was too exhausted from the events that had just occurred to be angry at Jamie.

"It was the right thing to do, Liza. Imagine if it had been her." Jamie raised his cup to his lips and took a sip.

"If it had been her, she would have been punched in the face and that would've been all." Jamie winced as Elizabeth touched his nose, "It's not broken."

"See, I'm fine." Jamie grumbled before he grabbed her wrist, halting her actions. "I'm fine."

"I was so scared," Elizabeth finally admitted after a few moments of a heavy silence and she finally met Jamie's eyes. It was then that Jamie saw her true emotion. Her normally bright green eyes looked dark clouded as they stared into his bright blue ones. They seemed to constantly flicker around, looking at every part of his face to make sure that she hadn't missed a bruise, scrap, or cut.

"I'm okay, a ghrá." And with those simple words, Elizabeth finally broke down, allowing Jamie to pull her into his arms.


"Don't even think about it, Jamie."

"This is not right."

"Jamie, please. Don't do this."

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