Part 32 - Gone with the wind

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Rick and I had been out looking for Tom all day, darkness was creeping upon us like a lion ready to pounce on its unsuspecting prey. We had driven around but there was no sign of him. "Ugh! Its all my fault!" Rick slammed the brakes on sending us both the move forward, he moved his eyes to mine. "How is this your fault?" I placed my elbow on to the car door, and leant my head into my hand. I looked out of the passenger side of the car. "Tom said, he saw us, in your cell, and he said that he has feelings for me... he must of thought I was leading him on" Rick turned in his seat to face me. "Do you have feelings for him?" the question was sincere and Rick sounded genuinely concerned. "No! I mean he's an attractive man but I don't feel the same as he does" Rick nodded and turned back to face the steering wheel, he turned the engine which sprung to life with an almighty roar. We began our search again.

I kept my gaze out of the passenger window, staring at the endless void of trees, wondering where Tom could have gone. I stared deeply in between the trees as we passed them, I saw a tall figure, someone walking through the trees, my mind sprung to life. "Stop the car!!! STOP THE CAR!!!" Rick hit the brakes which sent the car skidding to a halt, I yanked off my seatbelt and opened the door grabbing my cricket bat as I did. "I'll be back in a minute, wait here" Rick hesitated before nodding and sat back in his seat, excepting my decision. I began to sprint into the woods where the figure had been, the person was gone, I scanned the area to find the mysterious character but to no avail. "Tom!!!" I frantically screamed at the top of my lungs and hopes I would receive an answer. Nothing. The car horn sounded, I didn't leave, I couldn't. The horn sounded again, I huffed and began to trudge back to the car, something moved in the corner of my eye. My body shot round into the direction of what I briefly saw, it was a man. He was broadly built, much like Tom was, though this wasn't Tom. This man was quite tall, with dark brown locks, similar to Rick's.

I cautiously began to follow the man to the top of the small hill, and out into an opening. I glanced back to the car thinking that I should stop now and go back, but my curiosity got the better of me. I turned back to face the stranger but he was gone, what... How? where did he go? I swivelled on the spot to approach the car. I shearing pain went through the back of my head, then everything went black.

Rick's POV -------

I waited in the car as instructed, Jess waa taking far too long, I honked the horn. No response. I honked it again, and the same thing, no reply. I tapped my fingers vigorously on the steering wheel before looking out of the passenger window, I couldn't see Jess. I sprung from the car and began to run to where Jess was. She wasn't there, oh god, I should have gone with her! I ran up to the top of the bank of trees to an opening, no one was here. All I could see was trees, brush, more trees... and a plain white pick up truck in the distance... oh no.


"She's gone! She's been taken!" Rick ran towards the group, everyone turned around to face me. "What?!" T-Dog questioned, worried at what I had just expressed. "We were still looking for Tom, and... she got out because she saw someone... then I went to check on her and she was gone, all I saw was a pick up truck heading north" before I knew it, most of the group had gotten their stuff together ready to get Jess back. My Jess. I needed to find her, I never told her how much I love her, I need to get her back and finish off who ever took her from me.

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