He worked at the town bank, she had found out later after first meeting him and still did and along with his salary and the success her own floral shop brought in, they were doing good together.

They shared five long years of emotions and memories all rolled into one into the home she had bought. The small town of BurghersBridge was her hometown and she'd never dreamt of leaving, not once.

She had finished high school and college here and after getting her degree had tossed out all dreams of becoming an accountant and invested and started her own business as the owner of the town's only floral shop. She always had had a love for plants and believed they brought her sheer luck after meeting Simon at the greenhouse that day.

She had decorated her home that she had bought and he had helped her alot. The small three bedroom home was cozy and comfortable in every way possible. The stoned driveway led up to a garage that they had later remodeled so Simon's car could fit too.

Inside was furnished with plush leather furniture and painted a bright orange in the spacious living room and kitchen and bright purple in the two bedrooms upstairs and a dull gray in the spare room that served as his office downstairs.

BurghersBridge was just always sunny and cheerful, just like it's residents and she knew almost everyone and anyone by face and by name. She had lived here all her life and couldn't imagine living anywhere else. To top it all off, her best friend Brianna lived just next door, still by herself which was how she liked it.

Amanda always joked around about how it was time for her to play Cupid and find Brianna a lifelong partner.

She was still bewildered by how much Simon could still make her heart skip a beat and make her chest constrict with happiness.

He was just too good to be true and he was all hers.

She rubbed his chin with her fingers and planted a small kiss on his stubby jaw.

"Don't do that woman, you know how I get" he said gruffly and started tickling her mercilessly.

"If you don't stop!" She cried in between fits of laughter.

"You'll do what?" he said and swatted her bottom playfully with a pillow.

She dodged a hit and threw herself on him, pinning his arms down up above his head.

"I'll make you miss work" she purred and stuck out her small pink tongue and licked his left ear with it slowly.

"Please do" he groaned and spun her around so fast she couldn't stop him in time and now she was beneath him.

"Oh I'm sure you'll love that" she laughed.

"Damn right" he said and before she could answer he covered her smiling lips with his, making butterflies flutter all about.

Still, she thought, still after so many years he can still make damn butterflies bat around in my stomach like a darn teenager.

She freed her mind and parted her lips to give him more access as he playfully used his tongue and grazed over her lips.

She was in heaven and this was where she belonged.

With her husband, in their beautiful home and enjoying life as it brought each day.

Absolutely noone could take this away from her.

She was happy.


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