Chapter One

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The early morning sunlight pressed through the curtains that already shielded the open window, bathing everything in light.

Amanda Green groaned tiredly and turned around, colliding in her husband's sleeping form nestled peacefully beside her.

She smiled and yawned a little, cut off by his lips that came crashing down on hers.

"Hey! Morning breath" she giggled. "And I thought you were asleep"

"Mhmm....s'light woke me" he mumbled and eased himself up on his elbows to rest his back against the pillows that were bundled behind him against the bed's head.

Amanda took the invite and came to sit in between his legs turning her body slightly so she could look in his face.

"You're beautiful" he muttered and dropped a kiss on her nose.

"Mr Green haven't you gotten used to seeing my face in the mornings by now?"

"I have but it seems you get more beautiful each day"


"Only for you"

"Hope so" Amanda laughed and playfully punched him on his shoulder.

She couldn't believe her luck. After so many shitty relationships that always ended in her crying and spending countless nights at her best friend's, Brianna Conner's house, she had finally found someone she could give her all to without doubting his love in return.

She had met Simon Green, ironically,  at a Greenhouse she and her friend were visiting to look at the various potted plants for ideas to decorate her new house in that she had recently bought.

After he had introduced himself they had both burst out laughing, totally convinced he was joking with them but later to find out he was being serious.

He had led them around, an obvious expert with plants and introduced almost all of them to them both with little snippets of where each plant came from and what medical benefits and personal beautification each provided.

She liked him no doubt by the end of the day, he was tall and muscular and had curly brown hair nestled on his head. His dimpled smile was catching and each time he spoke or laughed they jumped out at anyone paying close attention to him. His deep blue eyes weren't lost to her attention either.

She had felt so self conscious, always thinking she was a bit too plain for anyone's liking.

Sure she was pretty, but that was as far as she would go in describing herself. She wouldn't say 'drop dead gorgeous'.

She always thought her dirty blonde hair was a bit too stringy and she always kept it in a bun. She didn't sport a magazine model's body but there was nothing about her plump breasts and small bottom that she would change.

Her green eyes however was her nicest feature and she was always told so but being sure someone had put a spell on her love life, she didn't think too much or pursue in getting to know him any further.

Brianna, however, never gave up hope on her friend's personal life and was always matchmaking and playing cupid, even at the age of 25 which they were at the time.

Now, both at the age of 30 they had  gotten their lives together and content with the choices they had made. Brianna's matchmaking had paid off and many dates later after meeting family and friends and countless nights at each other's homes, she at his apartment and him at her house Simon and Amanda had gotten married 5 years later and he had moved in with her.

She loved him and she thanked Brianna everyday since. Sure they had their fair share of fights but he was unlike anyone she had ever met. He never seized to make her laugh and smile at every opportunity he got and he took care of them both in more ways than one.

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