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The lady forcefully thrust the three small leather suitcases into the trunk of her black Honda accord that was glistening beautifully in the weak afternoon sunlight.

She wiped her brow from exhaustion and was about to head around the side of the car to her driver's seat when nosy, Mrs. Polo, her next door neighbor came running out of her house shouting her name and allowing her plump upper body to jiggle as she hastily half walked, half ran down to the driveway where the lady's car was parked.

"Oh good, I didn't miss you" She panted and smiled sweetly at her.

"Almost" the lady said back and returned the smile that didn't quite reach her ears.

"I made this as a little goodbye treat. Oh dear, I'll miss you so much..." Mrs Polo began and placed the pudding in the lady's not outstretched hands, clearly missing the hesitation to receive her treat.

"I...thank you Mrs P" the lady said back, forcing a smile that would make the lady's pathetic excuse of a treat feel appreciated.

"Now, go on...I can't keep you much longer though I would love to, see, everybody leaves eventually, leaving poor Mrs P all by herself. I still can remember the day my poor husband died, though that wasn't his fault of course...."

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