Part 31 - Old memories or making new ones

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Tom's POV -------

We had gotten back from the disaster of a mission going through the tombs, two people were murdered. Rick was nearly bitten by the walker that Thomas had sent his way, Jess was nearly mauled too which could have made it a fourth person to die today, not to mention Hershel, I hope he'll be okay, Glenn and Rick think the world of him. Rick had carried Jess all the way out of the tombs, I offered to carry her but Rick insisted. I think the world of Jess, I like her... a lot, the way her long brown curly locks flow down her back, her chestnut brown eyes glisten in the sunlight and she always manages to put a smile on my face whenever she walks in to the room. The signals that Jess gives me, I'm pretty sure, and hopeful that she feels the way I do. To see Jess like that, tore me apart, and when Rick went in and comforted her, it tore me even more. I can see she has feelings for Rick, there's no denying it, the look on her face when he killed that walker was evidential. I just hope she prefers me, Rick has a son and a baby to look after as well as lead the group. I think I can keep her safe better then he can.

They had been in Rick's cell for a while now, maybe it's worse then I thought, I'll go and see if they need help. I wanted to tell Jess how I felt about her, I nearly lost her today and it made me think how short our lives can really be in a world like this. I walked past each cell approaching Rick's, I went to let myself in when I see Rick and Jess, in each others arms, their arms intertwined with each others, their lips not leaving the others. My heart dropped, she clearly didn't feel the same as I did, it felt like my heart had been ripped out and pulled apart like bad glue on a get well card. I turned around and stormed off, angry and confused, I needed some air.

I had mooched my way to the guard tower closest to the cell block. I sat at the top of the tower and took in the fresh air, I was so confused I didn't know what to think. "Tom?" a quiet timid voice came from the stairwell, it was Jess. "Why did you come up here?... you aren't on watch for another 4 hours..." I huffed in frustration, "I needed to get away..." She walked towards me and sat down beside me. "Get away from what, what's wrong?" I couldn't take it anymore. "To get away from you and Rick!!! I saw you two!! I thought you liked me!" Jess just stared at me not knowing what to say, fuck this, I got up from my previous position and left the tower. I'm going on a run.


Jess's POV -------

It had been about an hour since tom had stormed off, I still don't understand what he was talking about? Yes. I did fancy him, look at him! he's a walking dream, but I love Rick. Tom can't expect me to chose, I know there has been a few moments between us that could have lead to more but it didn't happen so their was obviously a reason. Ugh... I better go and find him, we need to talk. I got up and left the tower and bumped into T-Dog on the way down, "Jess go and get some rest, your in watching in a couple of hours" I nodded and let him past, and walked to the cell block.

"Anyone seen Tom?" I shouted into the cell block causing my voice to echo and bounce off the walls. "Tom left to go on a run with T-Dog about an hour ago" well that's weird... I just saw T-Dog a minute ago. "They not back?... I just saw T-Dog, he's on watch now" Rick came out or his cell, "What? he's gone out by himself" he questioned me. Oh god... this is all my fault... I have to go and find him. I turned to my cell and jogged in and got the necessary essentials, my weapons, which Glenn so kindly went back to get for me, and a rucksack, with food and water.

"You can't go! you barely got out of the tombs alive, your wounded, let me go instead" Rick burst through into my cell and closed the door. "I either come with you or I go alone" my answer was short and to the point, Rick had a worried look in his eyes and paused, looking at me. He huffed and nodded. "Okay, we'll take the car, and if something goes wrong we come straight back... with or without Tom... I could bare to lose you" his eyes were filled with worry, he looked so scared. I nodded, Rick left the cell, I packed up my stuff and left too. Rick had left Glenn in charge while we were away, it would be long... hopefully.

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