Locked Away

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He was every where I went, he was in the shadows and the dark places hiding and watching me.

I didn't mean to set him free, never would I had done that if I had known the trouble and fear he would case me because he was not a man he may take on a man form but no he was some sort of demon.

Who sucked my blood for his own entertainment, he spoke of love and understanding but love is a word he doesn't know a word so mysterious that the man did not know what it was himself.

I would have to admit that he was gorgeous and god like but devil he was, I'm already running from dangerous men and now I can list this man to my death wish as well.

My mother told me I was special, that I had my own powers and my own destiny but this man was not to be a part of it.

Only problem was I could feel his love and compassion however most of all he could feel mine as well.

I should of never let Dominic out, men like that should be kept locked away.

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