Old Habits Part 1.

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Since the carnival is happening tomorrow we've been helping Y/n and her family sort everything out. The girls and I were helping her mom and sisters with the planning of the ball while the guys and Y/n sorted out the carnival part.

Y/n. I miss her....I miss her so much. I heard that her and Camila are together but not officially together. Skyler told me that Y/n and Camila are just seeing where they will end up and go with the flow but in all honesty. I didn't care....I just want Y/n back but I don't think that's going to happen any time soon. We were currently at Y/n's place with her family while her and Camila went missing making me huff and focus on the paper in front of me.

Bella:"You okay?"She asked pulling me away from my thoughts making me shrug. We were all currently phoning a few people and making sure everything was set up for the next two days.

Kendall:"Yeah....just tired"I said not really wanting to talk to anyone right now. The girls all gave me a look making me excuse myself and walk outside making them follow me.

Kylie:"Okay whats wrong?"She asked as I sat down making me look forward and frown since Y/n and Camila were walking inside hand in hand and sharing a few kisses.

Gigi:"Kenny...."She said giving me a sad smile. I sighed and went on my phone making them all sit next to me and take my phone away from me.

Kendall:"Can I just have my phone please!"I said making them shake their heads.

Hailey:"Come on...talk to us Kendall"She said making me sit back and look at them knowing they wouldn't let me go if I didn't tell them.

Kendall:"I just feel fucked up okay!"I said snatching my phone away from Hailey making her look at me.

Hailey:"Okay the real reason"She said making me lock my phone and frown.

Kendall:"I miss Y/n"I said softly making them all pull me into hugs. It took a while for us to get to the way we used to be with each other since they were pissed at me for what I did to Y/n which was understandable.

Gigi:"Kenny you do know that its okay to be sad at the fact of her moving on right?"She said making me pull away and sigh.

Kendall:"I don't want her to move on and as selfish as it sounds I don't want her to. I know what I did was fucked up and I know that there's no way in hell I'll get her back I know that she still needs me and I need her"I said making them all look at each other.

Kylie:"Kendall you do know that what you did was unexplainable right? It was one year. You cheated in her for own year Kendall and pretended that everything was okay when it wasn't...."She said making Bella nod.

Bella:"Kendall we love you but what you did was messed up. She was a total mess Kendall. She was the worst version of herself that we've ever seen and she told us herself that it wrecked her. We watched her everyday Kendall...she was so confused with herself and her feelings...what makes you think that she'll want you back?"She asked making me look at her.

Kendall:"Because even though I fucked up...she still loves me and I know it. She just doesn't want to admit"I said making them sigh.

Hailey:"So what? She's with Cami now"She said making me cringe.

Kendall:"I know....I just need to get her to feel all those feelings again. I need her in my life guys..."I said making them look at me.

Gigi:"Asap?"She asked making me bite my lip since I haven't told anyone yet.

Kendall:"We broke up....the day of the family dinner"I said making all their eyes go wide.

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