It Takes Time Part 10

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We all got ready and made our way downstairs and caught up with each other a little before we left for dinner at Kris's. We were all talking to my sisters and parents who were telling us the most embarrassing stories about me making me groan and hide my head under the pillow in the couch.

Bella:"Aww"She said when my sisters told her a story about how I carried this huge ass teddy bear around for basically five years of my life. The thing was twice my height which made it even more adorable.

Ava:"There's a picture"She said handing them the phone making them all awe while I groaned.

Y/n:"God! Why do you always embarrass me?!"I asked annoyed making my family laugh.

Skyler:"We're your older siblings, its what we do and its pretty funny"She said making me glare at her while Kendall gave Ava back her phone.

Hailey:"You were the cutest baby ever!"She said coming over to me and pinching my  cheeks while the guys chuckled.

Zayn:"Y/n you were adorable"He said making me pout.

Y/n:"Were? I thought I still was"I said making the guys chuckle while all the girls awed making me smirk and look at the guys.

Gigi:"You still are!"She said running over to me and kissing my cheek making me smirk even more. The guys looked at me and shake their heads amused.

Tyler:"Well played"He said making me chuckle. Our laughter was cut off by my phone going off making me answer it and smile big.

Y/n:"Hey Mama Kris"I said making her laugh.

Kris:"Hey Y/n/ all can come over for dinner... It almost ready"She said making me look at the others and nod.

Y/n:"Okay! See you just now"I said hanging up and getting up"We should get going...dinners almost ready"I said making everyone get up and grab their belongings and walk to the cars.

Y/d/n:"I'm guessing you went a little crazy while car shopping"He said referring to my cars making me chuckle.

Y/n:"Yeah"I said rubbing the back of my neck making him chuckle.

Y/d/n:"Definitely my daughter"He said walking off to his car making me chuckle and walk to mines. I saw Camila get in the car with my sisters making me sigh and get in mines.

We haven't talked since I admitted liking her which is understandable but it kinda sucks to be honest. I caught her looking at me a few times but she would just look away and focus in her phone making me frustrated. I started the car and drove over to Kardashian/Jenner household while getting teaser about all the stories my family told them about.

Y/n:"I was five and I loved the damn teddy bear!"I said stopping the car since we arrived making them all laugh.

Kylie:"Its a good thing your sister sent me the picture"She said making me get out the car and sigh as they followed me.

Tyga:"Christmas card for sure!"He said making the others laugh while I glared at my sisters as they got out the car.

Y/n:"I hate you both!"I said glaring at them and then walking inside the house hearing a few laughs.

Skyler:"Love you to!"She yelled making me roll my eyes but smile. I walked in the kitchen and got hit with the food aroma making me drool and sigh.

Y/n:"I love this place!"I said hearing a few laughs making me open my eyes and see the whole family here"Hugs!"I yelled making Khloe tackle me in one"Hey KoKo"I said making her pull away and smile at me.

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