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Pen Your Pride

After a few more rounds of truth or dare, including dares that forced Harry to pour the remnants of my watering can over the head of a very annoyed Louis, and Liam to sleep with a spoon under his pillow, I could feel myself beginning to yawn. Niall looked at me in concern. "Are you alright?" he asked as I practically fell over into Harry's lap.

I noded and smiled. "Just tired is all," I explained. "You lads can stay up as late as you want, but I had rehearsals today, and I'm exhausted." 

"Where are we gonna sleep?" Zayn asked. I thought for a moment. 

"Well, someone can have to couch down here, the guest room upstairs can house two people I suppose. I can blow up 2 air-mattresses... one for down here and one in my room. Y'all can decide who sleeps where." 

"I CALL JULIE"S ROOM!" Niall and Harry called at the same time. I laughed as they glared at each other. Louis pretended to fake pain. He clutched his heart and began to fake-sob. "BOOBEAR!" he cried. 'I can't believe you chose Jules over me!" Harry grinned. 'She is precious," he said, winking at me. I could feel my cheeks flush. Louis pouted, then grabbed Zayn's arm and frowned at Harry. "Fine! I'll sleep with Zaynie. He's a lot more loyal than you!"

I grinned. Their bromance was adorable. But suddenly, I realized that I had to decide who would sleep with me. OK, no. That sounded wrong. Who would sleep in my room. There, much better. I looked up between Niall who was laughing at something Liam had said, and Harry, who was sticking his tongue out at Louis. Arg. Who should I pick? Niall was probably the safer choice... Harry might just decide to try something on me in the middle of the night. Not that I'd really mind, but still. I  grinned up at Niall, my decision made. "Nialler's gonna sleep in my room tonight, kay?" I said, looking round at the boys. Niall's eyes widened in surprise, then he grinned, hugging me. Zayn raised his eyebrows, then winked at me.  I slapped him playfully and rolled my eyes. Then I spun around to face Harry. "What about me?" He pouted. 

"Sorry Haz... if you stay tomorrow night as well, you can sleep in my room?" I offered, giving him a hug. He laughed and wrapped his arms around my waist. 'Alright, I'll hold you to that!" But there was stilll a bit of hurt in his eyes. UGH! Guys. They're so complicated! 

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