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Ito po 'yong entry na pinasa ko sa WWBY2014. Ngayon ko lang ito, pinost. Fortunately, nakapasa ang entry na ito. Hehe. Ayun lang.  Thanks sa commentators at judges doon. Ang dami kong natutunan sa writing. :D


They always asked me "How can you fall in love so easily?" and they will ask me again "How long does it really take to fall in love?"

Maybe for others, my story is ridiculous. Parang fairy tale ang drama. But that's how it is. That's my story. It's like a disney movie where in just a matter of a song or a matter of a two-hour show, they met, they love and they live happily ever after. Too cliché, right? The princess meets her prince or a damsel in distress was saved by his brave prince. Ah, but who could forget a song in a Disney princess movie. In just one song, one dance, and one look in the eye.

And yes, I couldn't forget those memories...

JS Prom. It's the highlight of every female highschoolers in life. Yun ang pinaka-exciting at nakakakabang gabi para sa mga babae. Of course, all the girls just love fairy tale and romance. Bukod sa mga kaibigang makakasama nandyan pa ang excitement or maybe disappointment kung maisasayaw ka ba ng crush mo o hindi. And for my case, I'm on case number two. The disappoinment.  Hindi ko na makakasayaw ang crush ko bago palang kami grumaduate. Why? It's because he's already holding and hugging someone. Her girlfriend. And what's worse is that I'm in love with my best friend. Once upon a time, he became my best friend. We shared happy, innocent and precious memories. And then one day, I accidentally fall in love with him. One day, he -whom I thought was my prince-, fell in love with someone else. And unfortunately, it's not a happily ever after for me.

And there I was, on what I supposed to be the highlight of my life, a wallflower. Habang ang lahat ay sumasayaw sa saliw ng maganda at mellow na music, ako nakaupo. Wasting time and wishing that the night would be over. If I was Cinderella, I would wish that the night will last forever. But I'm no Cinderella here. I'm just a simple character in his perfect fairy tale. Tinitignan ko lang ang mga nagsasayaw. And I was looking at them. They were happily dancing, laughing and talking about romantic things. Ugh, mushy and cheesy. It creeps the hell out of me. Because I want him to be mushy with me and not her. And why am I looking at them? Bakit ko pa kasi tinitignan ang taong hindi naman ako titignan pabalik? Bakit pa kasi nagmamahal ang tao sa hindi nila gusto? Bakit sa fairy tale, unang pagkikita palang nila alam na nilang they would end up together. Oh, I remember, my life isn't a fairy tale. My life is just a simple life.

"Claire" I snapped out of thoughts and I looked up to a guy who called my name. Nagulat ako at napataas ng kilay.


"Uh-huh...May I invite you to dance with me?" He asked and held out his hand. It's weird. The popular guy from the varsity team just invited me to dance. I'm not the nerdy type here. I'm just a plain student around here at school, kaya sobrang pagtataka ko na niyaya ako ni Mr. Popular sa school. Maraming nakatingin samin, especially girls. And I here I was having second thoughts. Shall I accept it? Shall I try?

And for a second, I accepted it. I put my hand on his and he smiled at me. I blushed a little because he's so charming. Nakakatulala naman ito. And just like that. That's how my fairy tale started. A prince just saved his- shall I call myself a princess? Do I look like one? - Princess to misery and end his pain. Just like that. Mababaw man o malalim para sa iba, it's not that important to me. We danced to the rhythm of the music. He's funny. He's cool. And he's a gentleman. No wonder, why girls like and want him.

"Why me?" I randomly asked. Hindi pa rin kasi ako makapaniwala. I mean, you see I'm not that popular nor the nerdy one. Yung mga nasa gitna lang.

"Why  not you?" he said as he chuckled.

"I'm just plain." I asked in a matter of fact tone.

"You're not plain to me."

In just one song, a three-minute song to be exact, I fell. The moment I danced with him was more than like three minutes. He held me like forever. Na parang kaming dalawa lang ang tao. Na parang ang lahat ay unti unting nawawala at siya lang ang aking nakikita. I fall in love so easliy, like a song in fairy tale movies.

"Hey, babe." He head towards us kasama ang mga college friends ko. Napatahimik sila nung hinalikan ako ni Mark sa pisngi. And some of them were ridiculously giving me sly smiles. Mas nauuna pa talagang kiligin ang mga barkada kahit kailan.

"Kamusta? You're smiling like an idiot. Wala naman kayong pinaguusapan?" I just smiled at him. Ganyan talaga yan maging sweet minsan mapang-asar.

And then I remember their question, "How can you fall in love so easily?" Humarap ako sa mga kaibigan ko and I said

"How can I not fall in love him immediately?" They just smiled at me and I waved goodbye to them. Uwian na rin naman kasi at magde-date pa kami ni Mark. Hehe. He look at me with confusion. His face told me "what was that?". I simply answer his gestures. Gets na gets ko kung ano yung gusto niyang itanong.

"They asked me na "How can I fall in love so easily with you?"

"Anong sinagot mo?" kumunot ang noo niya at ngumiti.

"Ayon, how can not fall in love with you?" I said but it looks like he’s not convinced. So I added. "And it's because you gave me the fairy tale that I once wanted."

"Corny!" Umiling iling pa siya habang tumatawa. Nahiya tuloy ako at naramdaman kong nag-init yung pisngi ko.

"Of course, I'll be willing to be your prince in your fairy tale for a lifetime."

Yes, too cliché. The ending just went up just like in those Disney movies. But still the answer to "How long does it takes to fall in love?" was left unanswered. And for some reason, I want to rephrase their question. How long does it take to keep falling in love? And yeah, it's easy to fall in love but what's hard is to keep falling in love. And for some reasons, I feel na kaya namin ito ni Mark. Two years na kami and still counting. We started with once upon a time and we'll go with...happily ever after. So I wish…


Märchen is fairy tale in German. A folktore. Kaya ayan. Search niyo din sa google. :)

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