The Angel of Vengeance

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About the Story

The Angel of Vengeance follows Zoe Halsman, a sixteen-year-old girl with the ability to dream people's deaths before they happen.

When the dreams begin to show her three men coming to kill her father, she knows that she must figure out a way to stop them coming true. If she doesn't, she'll lose the only family she has left.

Please Note

This story was first-drafted for National Novel Writing Month, 2017. As such, it is currently undergoing an edit. Please feel free to point out any errors as you see them, and offer your advice. All suggestions will be taken into consideration. Please note this means there will be some inconsistencies throughout the chapters until the editing is complete. 

First Draft: 1st November - 23rd November, 2017

Rough Edit: 24th November, 2017 - 20th June, 2018

Second Draft: 21st June, 2018 - present


for morningtides

for reminding me that we all hate our first drafts, but we should still share them anyway

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