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~1 year later~

I was asleep. Hoping to enjoy this rest. Ever since Graser and Liam moved here, it's been hectic. Napping was rare, with Graser always around. He happened to be sick today, which allowed me to get the rest I needed. Until...

"WE'RE BACK, WILL." Kiingtong and William Shakes announced
"Uhhhh. Not you guys again." I rolled my eyes at them
"Hey, guess what!" William Shakes said
"What?" I asked
"Bro, I said to guess."
"I don't know what to guess, Will Shakes."
"You don't remember?" Asked Kiingtong
"No! I don't! I have no idea what you guys are talking about!" This is absolutely frustrating!
"Gosh, calm down! Anyways... Let me refresh your mind. A year ago, we brought up the topic of marriage, and you said, that 1 year from then, you'd ask Shelby to marry you. It's been a year, and you know what that means." Kiingtong winked
My heart began to race
"I did say that... I-I guess... We should start planning that proposal."
"YES!" Will Shakes jumped in triumph
"Shut up!"
"Wake up, Will. You gotta go buy that ring or whatever!" Kiingtong yelled enthusiastically
I woke myself up
I checked the time: 1pm
I decided to text Liam to distract Shelby for awhile, with absolute no reason, hoping he'd understand.
I got ready, and told Shelby I'd be out getting stuff for a video. Meanwhile, I'd be out ring shopping... That sounds like a girly thing to do... Eh.
I was off! Looking for the perfect ring! I drove for the first 30 minutes hoping to find a place that sold rings.
Later, I found a nice, fancy place that sold different types of rings that ranged from: engagement rings, friendship rings, and even promise rings.
A nice lady, who seemed to be in her 40s, assisted me. As we strolled around, I saw a ring that caught my eye. It was a diamond, oval ring, that I knew Shelby would like. And so, I got the right size, and bought it! With the ring already set, I knew this whole engagement thing would be perfect. At least, that's what I think.

That was a boring chapter😂
But, I kinda have a new Kiibble fanfic idea😊
And so, I wanted to ask this question...
If I were to end this fanfic, should I do a sequel to this, or should I start that new Kiibble fanfic that I had in mind?

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