[35] Girl "Advice"

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Previously on Agents:

"Phoenix, will you be my girlfriend?"



"I- um- really like you," Jin stuttered, "even since we were younger. I always thought about you when I was in the Code Dimension."

"I like her too," Adam said.

"Same here."

I knew what had to be done. "Guys, um... sorry, but I don't think I'm ready to choose a partner yet. If I would, then please give me some time..."

"But-" Max was cut off by Adam.

"Oh... okay. We understand."

       And so, the three boys left, with slightly sad expressions on their faces.

       Jeez, I feel kinda bad, seeing them sad and all that. But I'm just not ready to pick one yet, I thought.

"Phoenix!" Katelyn yelled, "Huh. You look kinda down. What's up?"

"Nothing. It's just that Zan, Sky and Jin came over and confessed to me..."

"Woah, really?" Dante exclaimed.

Travis said, "I am beyond shook. I am so shooketh!"

"Excuse me, what?" Aaron mumbled.

"Just internet slang," Dante sighed.

"Phe, lemme give you some advice," Katelyn suggested.

"I wanna give advice too-"

"Girl advice. C'mon Phe, let's go to your place."

       Katelyn and I walked back to the house, leaving the guys to play whatever they wanted.

"Hey Aaa-- Katelyn! I wasn't expecting you!" Shelby exclaimed, "What... are you doing here?"

"Oh, nothin' much. Just here to give Phe some girl advice," Katelyn answered. "The boys confessed to her and-"

"Oh. My. IRENE! Really? How was it? Who did she choose?" Shelbs went on and on with questions.

"Shubs. Calm down. We'll talk about it right now!"

       I explained to Shelby what happened, and the three of us talked about it. Basically what Katelyn said; girl advice. Soon Katelyn and Shelby ended up arguing about which boy was better for me.

"Sky is obviously the better choice!" Katelyn exclaimed, "He and Phe would look cute together!"

"But Jin and Phe've known each other for years! Far more than she and Sky have! Besides, Jin is really sweet and smart, perfect for our lil' Potatonix."

"I know I'm short but did you really have to say that?" I sighed. "Anyways, what about Zan though? He was there too."

A light pink tint appeared on both their faces. "Pfft, Zan? Nahh. He's too, uh, too..."

"Do Katie~watie and Shubby~wubby have a crush on Mithzan?" I smirked.


"Haha. Anyways, I should really pick one. But I like them all so... I just don't know who..."

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