Chapter 2: Texan Friends

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Who I imagine to be Anastasia ^^


''Oi Ana get your lazy ass out of bed and into the shower before I use all of the hot water'' My brother called down the hall. My mind still half asleep I rose from the dead and dragged my ugly morning face to the bathroom. No I do not wake up with a face full of make up and a smile. 

I look like a cross between a zombie and Voldemort, with hair all over the place.  

I turned on the scalding water and waited until jumping in. I washed my hair and shaved my now smooth legs. Wrapping a towel around my body and head I moved to my bedroom to get ready. 

I pulled out a baby pink crop top with blue jean shorts, topping it off with a white cardigan and white converse. No one can go wrong in converse, they are for every occasion. From going to school and running from cops my converse are always their for me. I slid down the banister and shuffled my way to the kitchen. 

I pulled out a few eggs, toast and bacon and made my self bacon and eggs. Wasn't the best I admit but It was food, and I am hungry. 

I grabbed my backpack and chucked in a few books, pens, earphones and an apple for lunch. ''Anastasia you know the drill. No taking about the gang, No telling that you are in a gang, No making friends with kids in other gangs, And ALWAYS use your real last names than mine'' Ethan gave me a hug and thrust a hand gun into my hand.

For safety he always said. 

I put the gun in the back of my shorts and kissed my sister on the cheek. My brother uses his middle name as his and my sisters last name so I can get a normal education and not get targeted but others. His middle name is Elaine. Ethan Elaine and Charlotte Elaine. 

My last name is Crawford, our birth name. 

I picked up the pace and walked to school.


''Excuse me but I am new here'' I said to the old lady sitting at the reception of the school I am going to. Unity High, with its large open spaces and state of the art learning facility this school is the real deal.

Well that's what I go from the video that Charlotte showed me. 

''Oh sorry dear didn't see you there'' The lady smiled at me. She turned around and pulled out a folder with my name on in. ''Your Anastasia Crawford, I guess'' I smile ''Yep''. 

''Well here is your locker key, schedule, and rule book. Hope you enjoy your senior year with us Anastasia'' The lady remembered ''Oh and my name is Mrs Remme'' The lady got up and walked into another room adjoining the office. I guess that was my queue to leave. 

Now time to find my first class. I wandered to halls until I found a room that matched the number on the paper. 304- Mr Brie- English. Yum! his name sounds delicious. (A/N Brie is a type of fancy cheese) 

I knocked on the door and waited a few seconds before opening it. I walked into a room filled my jocks, nerds, outcasts, hippies, cheerleaders and normal people. What a variety!.

''Excuse me to interrupt the lesson but this is the classroom on my schedule'' I directed at the teacher. The old man turned to look at me, as well as the class. ''Oh you must be the new girl. Introduce yourself and then take a seat next to Wayne. Raise your hand Wayne'' Mr Brie asked the class. 

''Well then, Hello my name is Anastasia Crawford and I just recently moved from Washington'' I addressed the class and moved to take my seat next to Wayne. 

''Hello Anastasia, names Wayne and I am proud to say I am gay'' Wayne stuck out his hand. ''Hi Wayne'' I smiled warmly at my new friend. Wayne stole my schedule out of my hand and skimmed the piece of paper. ''We have English, History and P.E together. I think this is the start to a long friendship'' Wayne grinned before going back to reading.

English quickly passed and so did Maths, History and Art. Honestly the only friend I met was Wayne and another girl called Hannah who moved from Texas last year. Now it was time for lunch and I was happy to feed the beast which is my belly.

I walked into the cafeteria and immediately spotted Wayne and Hannah talking to each other. I guess they are friends. ''Hi guys'' I said to Wayne and Hannah once I was close enough. 

''Hi Anna'' Hannah grinned and sat down at a table. ''This is our table and I guess you have already met my cousin Wayne'' Wayne waved at me from the lunch line. 

''Your cousins'' I was shocked to be honest. They looked nothing alike. Hannah had Blond hair and green eyes and Wayne had Green eyes and brown hair. 

Well I guess they both have Green eyes...

''Yep, wish we weren't but beggars can't be choosers'' Hannah shrugged and pulled out a sandwich. 

''So Anna tell us about you'' Wayne joined the table and I told them bits about myself.

It was pure bliss

Until lunch finished. 




I will try to update as much as possible but school is starting up soon. 

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