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-Blame it on me-

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Tears in my eyes

You watch me

Standing there with that knife

Those pills


Goes the knife

You cry out in pain

But you continue to cut yourself up

Blood flowing from your cuts

You take the pills

Fall to the floor

The flashback haunts me

Following me

Captures my eyes

When they close

I can't sleep

Those images haunt me

Never leave me no matter what

These tears fall

But I make no noise

You told me never to talk

That I should never be seen

And never be heard no matter what

You told me that one more time

Before you cut yourself down

Took those pills

And fell down to the cold hard floor

Here I sit

Waiting for someone to blame me for you being gone

Waiting for them to curse at me

Waiting for them to hit me


There is no escaping this

No point in trying

Lost in this darkness

Every things numb

I hope this ends soon

So then I will be free

Then I will be happy

So I wait

Til the day that they end my life

Then I will be free forever

And be away from them

I wait for that day

And when it comes

There will be a smile on my face

For it will end then


I made this just then...

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