My Roommate and I

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This is my first fantasy (up on Wattpad) I hope you guys enjoy it, it's just the normal, no BSDM or anything like that because I have no personal experience for that kind of stuff so I don't know how  hardcore stuff will turn out :l If you guys really want I might try it out later...?

 And also a little author note I don't do the whole 'He took out his 9 inch cock that was 3 inches wide' or the 'I stroked her 32D cup sized boobs' because honestly, when you are having sex, YOU DON'T NOTICE THE EXACT SIZE! Sorry just really annoying how some people sometimes write that :/ So anywaay ending my very long rant, here it is :)

My Roommate and I

"Hello?" Jenna answered her phone as she speed walked home after a breakfast run. She could almost taste the hot cinnamon rolls in the paper bag she was carrying as a result of an early morning trip to the bakery just down the street. "Hey, I'm calling about the flat mate wanted ad? Is this Jenna?" His deep husky voice immediately shot tingles up and down her spine straight to her core. She refrained from moaning into the phone to a complete stranger, well tried to, a tiny one came out. She was never one for self-control. Before the person on the other line could reply to her squeak she introduced herself. “Oh yes, this is Jenna, do you have a question about the flat or something like that?” She tried to collect herself and almost succeeded until the man’s voice broke her down again. “No questions, I was just wondering if there’s like a process you have to go through to apply or...” He left the sentence hanging, waiting for Jenna to jump in with an answer. Jenna was freaking out by now, she had wanted a female roommate, she had never even considered a male one. Time to ask her friend for advice. “Excuse me for a minute I have call from my boss coming through; can I get back to you?”  After jotting his number onto the memo app on her phone she called up Suze for advice. “YES, YES YES!” Suze screamed into the phone. “Suze, calm down, hearing his voice he’s so hot, there is no way he’ll be single. And I’m shy! Have you forgotten that? I’m not going to rip off my clothes and jump him as soon as he walks through the door!” Suze let out an audible sigh down her end of the line. “Jen, Jen, Jen… Are you really that naïve? If he’s taken, I bet he’ll have hot single friends that he can bring round! Come on Jen, you know it’s a good idea, just don’t think anything of it, it’s completely natural.” “Fine.”

***         ***         ***         ***

Jason got all his gear from the changing rooms as he prepared to leave the gym. He had a meeting scheduled with Jenna about the flat later today and he had to go get ready. Not that it would take him long; he just wanted to be prepared. After checking the boxing room changing area once more he grabbed his sports bag and he made his way to sign out at the receptionist desk.  A petite brunette he’d never seen before was behind it, casually doodling on her jotter pad. He was a regular here so the brunette must be new. As he got closer to her, the overpowering scent of sugarcane and shampoo engulfed him, a smell so sweet but not sickly. It was delicious, so delicious in fact that his body didn’t know how to react. Taking advantage of this, he ran out to his car before he got a boner.

The smell clung to his clothes and swirled around in his car on the ride back to his mate’s. Him and his friend David had flatted for the last five years, ever since they were fresh out of high school and going to college. David was due to come back from his honeymoon any day now and Jason had enough sense to GTFO, so his friend could have some peace with his new wife. Jenna's flat was perfect, in location and everything he wanted in his flat, the girl was an added bonus. Over the phone, she seemed a bit shy, her voice soft but hesitant. And the incredibly sexy moan couldn't be missed. If he had heard a moan over the phone from any other girl, he would’ve kind of been put off by the smuttiness, but not Jenna. There was something about her that was so innocent, that turned him on immensely. Not usually one for judgments, he wasn’t skilled enough to have someone pegged on the first go. Back at home he showered and dressed, added a dab of cologne before heading to the address Jenna had given him, hoping that this would turn out well.

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