Part 30 - Shit happens

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There were two of the four men left , I already knew one as Axel and the other guy introduced himself as Oscar. They both seemed okay, well... better then that other guy I think his name was Thomas? He was crazy, and I didn't know if the others were like it, it worried me. We cleared out the cell block and left them to it locking tombs as we did.

We walked back through the tombs to our cell, T-Dog, Tom and Daryl had walked ahead. I began pushing the now heavy laundry cart, I kept my eyes down, keeping them from Rick sight, I don't really know what just happened in there. Rick kept saying that it was Thomas or him, what did Thomas do? All I saw was Rick slam a machete into his head, like a knife through butter. I kept my eyes down, I didn't really know what to say and there was a sense of awkwardness around us. "Look... He came at me with a knife and threw a walker on me... he was a danger to us all" I didn't say a word, nor turn my stance to look at him. Rick sighed in frustration and walked ahead to catch up with the others. A tear slipped down my cheek, I didn't know what to do, he killed him because he was going to kill Rick but it was the look he had on his face, one of anger and no remorse which scared me.

I hadn't realised that my pace has lessened, I was far behind now, I starting walking faster when a walker had turned the corner that I needed to go to, I reached down for my cricket bat. Oh no... it was gone... I must have left it in the laundry room when I was collecting everything up! I quickly reached down to my handgun... I didn't have the holster around my waist! I must have taken it off, the leather holster had been rubbing my waist. Damn! "Rick!!!...Tom!!!" I began to back away, frantically searching for something to defend myself with. "RICK! TOM!" I looked around to see a small gap between two walls which had two pipes running down the side. I think I could fit in there, I would fit in there, I had to. I ran to the gap and put my chest flat against the wall and pushed myself through. I didn't know that the pipes that my back was pressed up to, had two big broken bolt screws on them. They dug into my back, "Ahhh!" I hissed in pain, but had to keep going, the walker was nearly within reach of me. I managed to push through, I collapsed on the floor just as the walker put its arm in the gap I had come through. I landed on my back, a shearing pain went through my back, "Oww O-owwww" I placed my hand on my back and looked back at it, to see blood, and a lot of it. Damn it, it really hurt. BANG! My eyes shot up to see the barrel of Ricks Colt Python pointing at the now dead walkers head. "Rick..." I began to cry, my hands were drenched in my own blood and I felt like I was going to pass out from the pain. Rick pushed his way through the gap, cutting his arm as he did. I opened my arms out and he grabbed my lovingly, he began to stroke my hair, calmly talking to me and kissing my head. That's all I remember until I woke up in Ricks arms, he was carrying me bridal style out of the tombs.

He carried me back to what looked like his cell and closed the cell door. He put me down and sat me up, I hissed at the pain. "It'll be alright, its all my fault, I never should had walked ahead" He reached in to his bag and got out the essentials to tend to my wounds. "It's not your fault, I'm sorry I didn't have more trust in you... Ahh... is it bad?" He walked over to me. "Lift your arms... if you can" I lifted my arms, the pain got worse. Rick lifted my top and took it off slowly. "Ahh!" he paused his actions. "Sorry... It doesn't look that bad" He lifted my hair and pulled it round to my shoulder. "I need to undo your bra, to clean it, that alright?" I nodded quickly as he began to undo the clasp of my bra.


After 20 minutes of stopping and starting because the pain got to much for me, Rick had finished cleaning my wounds and placed a bandage on it. He did a good job, and proceeded to close the clasp of my bra and stopped, he traced the outline of shapes on my back and up my neck, it felt really good. He moved closer to me until his chest was next to my back, he put his hands on my shoulders and rubbed them. He put his lips on my shoulder and placed little tender kisses on it. I moved my head back and rested it on Ricks shoulder. I lifted my hand to his cheek and guided his lips to mine. The kisses was soft and tender, and it felt great. Rick could always manage to make me feel safe, and despite all the bad times we've been through, I know I love Rick, I love him now and forever.

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