❤️❤️❤️❤️ chapter 15

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Luke's pov

I don't want to do this right now. He hit my ass so hard I'm in a lot of pain but I'm used to it. I really don't want to have sex right now but it's not  like I can say no. He kiss the back of my neck and down my back before he missed my cuts but not this time. He gets to my butt he puts his hands on to my hips and starts kissing and biting my butt cheeks. I moan not in pleasure but in pain. He does it for a litter  longer then he tighten his grip  on my hips. He flips me over on to my back I yelp in pain but he doesn't care.

I look up and meat his eyes he looks back with lust filled eyes so

I look up and meat his eyes he looks back with lust filled eyes so

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tonight  is going to be a long one. He leans to my ear and whispers " Do you want me to fuck you harder or even harder." he says " Please Oliver let's just make love  nice and slow." He just laughs at me. Well I tried the only time we made love like that was when he is really high. I get my sweet Oliver. But that doesn't happen often. He goes from my ear to my neck. He starts to suck on my neck hard so hard I yelp in pain. Is he trying to give me hickeys?

He's still kiss my neck when he runs his hands down my sides. He pulls my pants completely off then he takes his towel off. He grabs my hips and pulls me to him I wrap my legs around him. I can tell that he's all ready hard. He runs his hand up my stomach to my nippers he starts to rob them. I moan in  pleasure. God why dose he know how to get me going. I can feel my self getting hard Oliver chuckles. " Hey baby did Jackson make you this hard this fast?" I know I shouted say anything but I hate being a called a cheater.

" I didn't sleep or did anything with Jackson I just meat him today." I know I made a big Mistake I should've just kept quiet. He stopped what he was doing. I look at him but I  couldn't see his face. The next thing I know is he flips me on to my stomach again. Then he pulls my ass to him I had to quickly put my hands on the bed so I don't fall  I can feel him put hid tip on my hole. He know I hate doggy stiller. the next this I know he  thrust into me hard I cried out in pain. thrust " I" thrust " hate" thrust "  liars." He thrust in to me harder and harder . I can feel something wet  and warm running down my legs and I know Oliver hasn't came yet. So I know it's blood

I cry out "please Oliver I'm bleeding" I yell at him. He hits my ass hard  and says " one don't yell at me and second does it look like I care that you're bleeding." He says in a breathless voice. He thrust in to me couple more times then I hear him moan Loudly. Then I feel something warm and sticky running down my legs. He push's me on to the bed " Go to my bathroom and clean your self off. I have to change my sheets because of you" he says getting off the bed." I-I'm sorry" I say in a low voice  I can tell he looking at  me " whatever I'm going to change the bed sheets. Then go down stairs to take a shower. If I'm not down before you juts lay down ok." I just nod my head I get off the bed slowly. I start to walk to the bathroom when he grabs my arm.

I flinch I was about to turn my head but he turn my body then hugs me. Our naked sweaty bodies connect. Wait is Oliver hugging me right now? I hug him back I don't want to make him mad. " Hey I love you and................I'm sorry I lost control. and made you bleed I didn't mean too." He says hugging me tighter. Did he just say sorry. " I-It's ok Oliver I love you too" I say I thought he will let me go after that. But nope he sat there holding me. Then he said something that I never thought he whold3. " I was wrong I'm sorry I know that you didn't cheat on me with Jackson I-I." I cut him off " It's ok don't worry about it Oliver I love you."

He puss away from the hug. " Ok I'm going to let you be friends with Jackson" I go wide eyed I was about to say something but he puts a hand up. " No funny business if I think something anything is happening I will beat his ass then yours understand." I just nod my head " good go clean your self off" I with that I turn around I was about to go in the bathroom when I hear him call my name " Luke take these" he handed me a pear of boxers and one of his shorts. " Thanks Oliver" he just nod his head. I walk in to the bathroom I turn the shower on and get in I do my business. Let's just say it hurt bad really bed.

I'm finally down I get out and I dry off. I put Oliver's clothes on I walk over to the door and open it quickly. Because I know Oliver is probably sleeping. I look out and see he's sitting on the bed waiting for me. Oh god did I do something wrong. I take a deep breath  and walk out. He looks up at me then he gets up from the bed. I start to back up but he reaches me before I can get too away from him. He takes my hand and leads me over to his bed. " lay" he says I do what I'm told tot do.

I lay down he dose the some not a Second later. He lays down next to me.He wraps his arms around me and pull me close to him. " I love you so much." He say tightening his hold on me " I love you too Oliver" I sit there in his arms for a little while until I let sleep take over me...............................................

Oliver's pov

I watch until he falls asleep. I got so mad I didn't mean to make him bleed. Do I feel bad Fuck no well a litter. I couldn't help it they were yelling at me to do something. They yell so much It hurts my head. I didn't want him to take over again. The last time he took over when I came back Luke was on the floor bleeding. Because he beat him with a belt. When I get too angry he takes over sometimes at school he randomly takes control. There is always talking it won't stop. It's not my  fault right? Yeah your right............................................to be continued

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