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Ryan's pov.

I was walking up and down the room.  I didn't feel like sleeping. I never did anymore.

I giggled and started skipping.

The door opens and dad stand there. I giggle and run over to him.

I wrap him in a hug.

"I don't want to be here." I whisper, able to get out of the insanity I've trapped myself in.

My dad rubs my back and i giggle before pulling away.

"I want a cookie!" I yell. He frowns.

Joshes pov.

I rubbed Ryan's back, I didn't hug him to tight due to the wire that was hidden under my shirt I was afraid of his mental stability at the moment and didn't want to give away any thought of his rescue. He's gone insane to the torture Avery has force upon him.

" I don't want to be here." He whispers, having gotten out of the safety of his insanity.

This happened once a day at least. He'd 'break out' be his normal self. It pains me to see him go through these. It hurts so much to see my first born at the age of 17 act like a five year old.  Then he giggles. Back to insanity. I frown as he asks for a cookie.

He looks up at me with the eyes of a child. His hands reach up to the sides of my lips and force them up, making it look like a weird smile.

"Don't be sad. Lukey will come for me!" He says happily.

"And you can come with me to the freak show! And you can help ms. Strange organize the show and I won't have to go into the tank anymore!" He says happily.

I smile. "Yeah bud. They're coming." I say with fake enthusiasm. Avery had a few cameras. One in his cell, one facing the stage and a few watching the exits. With that I lead him out of the room. He giggles and holds onto my arm.

"You know, Lukey got me a  bunny. It has my name and everything!" He says happily.

I nod my head.

"He must really care about you." I say leading him to the stage.

"Yep!" He says popping the p. "I love him!" He says happily.

I give him a small smile. "But were not dating. Do you think that when I get back he'll want to?" He asks.

They're not dating? Oh.

"I don't know." He frowns at my answer.

"There you are." Avery says once we get on the stage. Ryan lets go of my hand and runs over to her.

She grimaces as he hugs her and I want to smack her in the fucking face.

"Were having a bigger audience. They want to see something new Ryan." She spits as she pushes him off her.

"Yes mommy." He says looking down.

"Now since there are more people the breaks are longer." She says and I know what she's getting at. "Your going to have to be in the tank longer." Ryan looks up a frown on his face.

"Will you get more money?" He asks.

She nods her head.

"Okay then!" He answers.

I looked at my watch. They were setting up now by 2 they'll spring into action and take this bitch to jail.

At the moment it was only 7.

I take Deep breath.

"Avery how much for the larger shows?" I ask and she smiles.

"50 for kids up to the age of 12 and 100 for adults." She says and my eyes widen.

"That's twice the amount than normal!" I say, trying to sound impressed. She smirks.

"I know. People will pay so much to see a demon." She spits.

I look over at Ryan who sat on the floor and was playing with strings that came from his shirt.

"Alright the first show will be starting soon." She claps her hands, startling Ryan. He gets to his feet and runs over pulling the collar of his shirt down so she can unlock his collar.

She stares at it. "Actually this time your going to keep it on. Your going to try and keep your clothes from burning. Make sure you don't burn the collar. It might just kill you." She says a bit worried before walking away. Probably worried to lose her profit.

Ryan frowns but lets go of his shirt. His eyes lock with mine and he blinks. He says something softly that I don't catch, before walking to the back of the stage. I watch his retreating form and frown.

Lets hope all goes according to plan.

Luke's pov.

Everyone's ready. They've surrounded the building. Everyone who's gone in to see Ryan "perform" were cops.

After they left they all reported the same thing.

He was still wearing the shock collar.

We were waiting for the clock to strike 2 when someone tapped my shoulder.

I spin around and face the officer in charge.

"The second our last batch comes out you rush inside. After you do so go straight for the women." He explains. I nod my head, having gone over the plan many times I know what is needed to be done.

Ryan's pov- time skip. 2.

I hold the flames about my head and off my clothes as the crowd leaves.

The last person walks out and I force the fire to shrink, clenching my teeth as it hurts too.

I hold it in the tip of my finger and take deep breaths. Then I lift my finger to my mouth and swallow the fire.

Mommy wasn't here at the moment and I touch my collar. It was itchy.

I sit on the edge of the stage and kick my legs. Bored because mommy said that after the fourth show no more Would come.

I was waiting for mommy to come out and take me to my cell. I hear the buzzing of the cameras turn off and I look up at the one pointed at the front door.

"Cameras are out!" I say to no one in particular.

I look down at my feet, watching them. The itsy-bitsy spider went up the waterspout down came the rain and washed the spider out.

I hear the door open. Wait... I though mommy said no more shows?

I look up and my eyes widen. Luke stood there, a smile slowly forming on his face.

He slowly walks over to me.

"Hey Ryan." He says softly and I giggle.

"Lukey!" I say happily and wrap my arms around his neck.

"Lukey?" He asks when he pulls away.

"Your my Lukey!" I said again before giggling.

"Are you here for a show? It's to late mommy said there was no more. Oh! Are you here to rescue me!?" I ask.

He nods his head gently. I giggle.

The buzzing of the cameras turn back on and I look over my shoulder at the one pointing at the stage.

"The cameras are on. Say hi!" I tell him and his face pales a bit.

"Come on Ryan we have to get you out before she knows what's happening." He says and grabs my hand.

I jump off the stage and try to follow him when shocks of electricity shoot through my body.

I scream and fall to my knees, clutching the collar.

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