Chapter 32

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My foot slapped against the floor tapping rapidly. It has been a few hours sense Azreal was taken out of surgery. Malik has been sitting next to me for the entire time. He hasn't said anything but I know he is watching me.

I leaned back against the wall and tried to relax. Before I could close my eyes the door slammed open and hit the wall with a bang. I looked up and saw a tall man walk out. He wore a white lab coat. I stood quickly and stepped up to him.

"Alpha." He said and lowered his head.

"How is he? Can I go see him?"

"He is awake, he did very well during surgery."

I quickly pushed past him and thew the door open. I ran down the white hall no even looking around at whats around me. I scented the air and breathed in the slight sent of pine. I ran harder down the hall turning around the corner. I followed the hall all the way to the last door. With ought slowing down I ran through the door.

I hit the door so hard it flew back and smacked me square in the face. I clutched my nose as I felt blood run down over my lip.

"Mother fucker!" I screeched in pain and anger.

"Evelyen?" I heard a scratchy voice ask.

As I held my nose in pain and squeezed it trying to slow the trickle of blood I looked into the room. I saw Azreal sitting up in a bed. His chest is covered in bandages and his face covered in deep bruises. There are also cuts running across his arms and cheeks. I felt my heart clench as I looked him over. I moved quickly over to him and threw my arms around his warm body.

I clutched him to me and burred my face into his neck. I heard him let out a soft groan but before I could pull away his arms were a solid band around me. I pulled him in tighter letting the warmth of him surround me.

I heard footsteps behind me but I didn't bother to look up. Ignoring the my nose and the blood dripping down my face I curled in closer to Azreal.

"Alphas!" I heard Malik say.

"Why is there blood all over you? Did you tear your stiches?" I heard another deep voice say.

At that I pulled away from Azreal and looked down at his chest. It was covered with blood. I looked up at him trying to read his face. I locked my eyes onto his and I saw nothing but concern in them. He looked down at my nose and quickly grabbed my chin. His hand was soft and warm but at the same time firm as he tilted my chin.

"What did you do?" He asked in a scratchy voice. I nearly melted when I heard his voice. I felt a small tear slip down my cheek. When Azreal saw it he quickly locked his eyes onto mine and looked over my face as if trying to read it.

"Are you in pain?" He asked his eye brows furrowed in concern.

I looked at him and couldn't stop myself as I started to laugh. It started as a slow chuckle and quickly tuned into a full out roar. I was laughing so hard tears started to fall. Clutching my stomach I belted out some more laughs as I turned away from Azreal. I could feel his hand on my back but I couldn't stop histrionically laughing.

"Is she alright?" I heard Malik ask.

I looked up through my laughter at him and blinked the tears away trying to calm myself. I sucked in some deap breaths and tried to stop laughing. After a few moments I finally calmed down.

"Evelyn are you alright?" Azreal Asked.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I asked spinning around to him. He looked at me his eyes large and eyebrows raised.

"You just almost died and had major surgery. And your asking if me the dumbass who walked into a fucking door is ok? Are you serious?" I asked

He just shook his head at me as I started to chuckle again.

"Evelyn why don't you come with me? We can get you cleaned up." Said the doctor.

I just nodded and walked over to him still pressing my hand on my stomach trying to stop laughing.


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