"Oh, do you know what his invention is?" You ask, looking at Tadashi again.

Tadashi shook his head.

"Not really. He hasn't told anyone yet! Not even his own brother!" He said dramatically while pointing to himself.

You laughed and shook your head, amused at his childish antics.

"Alright. I got to go! See ya later ‘Dashi!" You turned around as you waved at the older Hamada.

He smiled as you walked down the stairs, he hollered, "Bye (Y/n)!"

You giggled and made your way down the stairs and into the garage.

You opened the door to see Hiro talking to a girl, probably the same age as you are or even younger. She had raven black hair, dark brown eyes, and slightly pale skin. She also wore a dark brown t-shirt, jean shorts and some dark yellow flip flops.

You felt a tingly feeling inside.

"Is this what jealousy feels like? But why should I be jealous?! I'm not even sure if Hiro likes me back!" You thought irritatedly to yourself, scrunching your face with anger.

The girl noticed you and smiled at you.

"Oh, Hi!" The girl greeted happily as she stood up.

She walked towards you and held out her hand. "I'm Quesnay!" She introduced herself happily.

You awkwardly shook her hand. "Uh.. (Y/n)."

She suddenly gasped making you jump a bit, startled.

"Wait! So, you're (Y/n) (L/n)?! Hiro, she's so pretty! I've heard so much about—" Quesnay was cut off by Hiro's hand placing in her mouth. He was blushing darkly, as he glared at the girl.

"Mnh!" She struggled to get Hiro's hand out of her mouth. Both of her hands were clutching on Hiro's one hand that was covering her mouth.

You blushed a little because she called you pretty. But got curious of how she knew your name.

"Uh.. How do you know my name?" You ask, secretly glancing at Hiro to tell him to let go.

Hiro pulled back his hand and looked away from the both of you.

Quesnay glared at Hiro, "Apparently my Nii-san is too stubborn!" She yelled at him.

"Wait.. Nii-san? Are you siblings?"

She looked at you and smiled brightly pointing to herself. "Oh, yeah. I'm actually the youngest Hamada! By 13 years of age."

You felt the weight your shoulders lift up. "I thought she was his girlfriend.." [I would love to! Jk]

"But how come I just met you or I haven't seen you when I met Hiro?" You questioned, furrowing your eyebrows.

"I was basically at my room either at school when you met my stubborn Nii-san." Quesnay explained earning a "Hey!" from Hiro.

She rolled her eyes. "You don't come here at night, right?"

You shook your head.

"Well, I always come home at night due to my projects.. Being a sophomore is hard when your a 12 year old!" She said while running a hand through her slightly messy hair.

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