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You made your way towards the 'Lucky Cat Cafe'.

Apparently, your best friend (and also your crush), Hiro Hamada, called you for something.

You, being you, decided to come, even though you were in a comfortable position earlier, you decided that he'll get a punch later.

You gently pushed the door of the the Café to hear the bell ring and alerting Aunt Cass.

"Welcome to the– Oh! (Y/n), it's just you." Aunt Cass greeted, walking towards you and giving a bone-crushing hug.

"So.. Why are you here? You said yesterday that you were going to be at your house for the rest of the day." She asked while breaking the hug.

You rolled your eyes, remembering what Hiro said that was 'important'.

"Apparently, the knucklehead called me to come here. He said he wanted to show me something 'important'." You deadpanned, trying your best not to shout in front of Cass.

You saw Cass smile.

"Oh, I know what will happen to that knucklehead if it isn't that important." She chuckled.

"But please don't take it hard this time.." She pleaded slightly, furrowing her eyebrows.

You shrugged. "No promises Aunt Cass."

She sighed and turned to the door when the bell chimed. "Oookay (Y/n)! Hiro's probably upstairs and if you're hungry there's a bunch of (Favorite pastry)'s at the dining table!" She said quickly and ran off to attend her customer.

You shook your head and sighed. "Aunt Cass really needs some employees.." You thought and made your way up the stairs.

Once at the dining table, you saw a perfectly made (Favorite pastry). You took the plate which had a dozen full of (Favorite pastry) in it.

Then, you walked up the stairs up to the Hamada brother's room while eating the (Favorite pastry).

You knocked on the wall since they didn't have a door that a room should.

"Hiro?" You called while putting the plate on a table and looking around for that idiot.

You saw Tadashi on his side of the room reading a book she lying down, relaxed. [I wish I could chill like youDashi. But sadly, I don't have time for that T^T]

"‘Dashi?" You called out his name, peeking through the divider.

Tadashi looked up from his book and smiled when he saw you.

"I presume that Hiro called you?" He questioned, raising an eyebrow.

You nodded.

He sighed. "He's in the garage still making his invention for the showcase."

Something clicked inside you when you heard the word 'showcase'.

Hiro was shown by Tadashi in SFIT a month ago (You were with them). Tadashi finally convinced Hiro to join SFIT, and to have a scholarship, Hiro has make an invention that has to make Callaghan's mind blow away. (Not literally anyway)

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