The Silent

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Being a postgraduate student equals to being lonely. Well I can say that happened to me and most of my friends. I don't have the exact answer to why it happened, but seems to get the clue of what's going on.

Everyone is busy with thier own studies, they are living with high walls of books and literature need to be read and criticised.  Data and dateline become the bricks of that wall. They become to be the prisoner in thier own world of knowledge.

Yesterday I tried to make some noise inside our postgraduate WhatsApp group, but its seems like my voice echoed back to me. I know they are reading,  but not responding.  It as been our culture to response only when we want, not to cherish someone's thought.

I can't change them unless they change themselves. What I can see is a bunch of professors to be that will end up like our predecessor. Knowledgeable,  but silent. Not in term of voice, but keeping most of thier thought inside the academic line. Other thing which they think is outside that border, is considered unimportant.

Well, let's change it. Make the move Azlin, make the move! Let's move it move it, move it!

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