Chapter 4

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Under the Stars or Behind Bars

A/N : This chapter is going to be a little crazy, I mean, how could it not when the setting is at a party. Anyways enjoy!!!

Lilly's POV:

I got to the door and saw Jake standing there looking sexier than ever. His hair was messy but it looked great. He was wearing ripped up jeans and a short sleeved button down shirt. His muscles showed and let me tell you they were the most attractive muscles I have ever seen. I think his jaw hit the floor when he saw me. "W-well I guess we should get going." he said stumbling. "I guess so." I said walking towards the car. I didn't have to sneak out or anything because Kaitie's parents were out of town this week so we had nothing to worry about.

We started driving and it took us 45 minutes to get there because it was in the woods about a mile away from an abandoned lakehouse. It was starting to get dark out and I could see the smoke from the bonfire. I got out of the car and approched the party. It was insane. There were people everywhere and a lot of drunks. "Are you going to drink?" I asked Jake nervously hoping he would say no so I wouldn't be the only loser here. "No, I gotta drive and I know some of my friends drove here but they won't be able to drive back. Otherwise the answer to your question would be yes. Plus I drove you here I wouldn't risk you getting hurt on the way home." I was releived by his answer. Now at least if someone offered me a drink I could refuse more confidently than scared. "Good. You're smarter than I thought you were." I said messing with him. "Well I don't mean to bragg but....." he teased as we got to where all the chaos was. Immediately about fourteen girls started checking Jake out and gave me a dirty look.

Jake left my side as soon as he saw Chris and John. Kaitie got here right in time as Jake walked away she approched. "Oh my gosh, am I glad to see you." I said nervously. "I can see you haven't even begun to party yet. Come on, lets go dance!!!" she said over enthusiasticly. I didn't get into the rhythm right away. All these other girls were not dancing. I don't even know what to call it but I did not want to join in. A strong arm grabbed me and spun me into his grip. It was a familiar grip and I recognized who it was right away. "Having any fun yet?" Jake asked knowing I wasn't because I had no clue what to do at a party. "Not yet." I said pretty confused. "Just dance. Get into the music. I'll show you." he twirled me again on the dance floor and I started dancing like I never did before. "See you're a natural!" he laughed making the blood rush to my cheeks causing me to blush. "I guess I am." I said having way more fun now than I was before.

After I finished dancing with Jake we went to try to find a non-alcoholic beverage. We laughed all the way to the cooler and managed to find some Sprite. We were sitting by the bonfire when I noticed John and Kaitie making out by a tree. "Do you see that?!?!" I motioned to John and Kaitie in disbelief. "Yeah John!" he screamed at them from where we were sitting. "Shut up. Don't ruin it for them." I said laughing at his comment. "He has been waiting to do that since school started. I had to acknowledge it." he said happy for John. "Really? Kaitie has been waiting for that since school started too!" I said laughing at how it worked out. "Has she ever even had her first kiss before this?" he asked thinking she was a good girl like me. "Her? Duh. Have you seen her?" I said surprised he would say that. "Have you had your first kiss before?"he asked me already knowing the answer. "No. Never."I said feeling a little left out because I know he has. He is too good looking not have. "Good than you won't have much to judge off of." he said cleverly "W-what do yo..."I tried to say as his lips smashed into mine.

My whole body felt a rush of adrenaline as he kissed me slowly. I may like him but he's a bad boy and they are usually players. I tried resisting but he wrapped his hands around my waist pulling me in closer. I placed my hands on his chest trying to push him away. He let go of me and looked shocked. "Why did you kiss me?" I asked stunned. "I-I...." he mumbled as I tried to walk away but he followed me "Please, don't" he said grabbing my arm turning me around. "You can have any girl in this school. I'm just another girl. You're the bad boy. That makes you a player." I explained trying not to tear up because I do like Jake ,but he is obviously not anymore intrrested in me than he is in any other girl. "Not every bad boy is a player. Did you see me hook up with one girl since I came to this school? No. Is it so hard to believe that I might actualy like you?" he started to get upset. I can't beleive it!!! He likes me. He must have noticed the relief in my eyes because right after that he pulled me in close, cupped his hands around my face and kissed me again.

My stomach was doing freefalls as I gave into the kiss. Tingles ran down my spine. He was awesome at kissing and although i never kissed someone before I still knew he good at it. As we pulled apart gasping for air he started to talk "Can I be honest?"

"Of course." I said unsure of what he was going to say. "This was my first kiss, too. Thats why I was so nervous about it." he said and I was instantly shocked. "Good. If I suck at kissing you wouldn't know the difference." I said laughing. He pulled me onto the dance floor right as the cops showed up. Oh No. I could not get caught because even though we didnt do anything wrong by association we were guilty. Kaitie was drunk. She never used to be a drinker and she picks now to start. Since we were probably the only sober spies there Jake would take John and Chris home in his car and I would drive Kaitie home in her car. I have to say I was really nervous about driving but as long as I can drive behind Jake I would be okay. I passed my drivers test with a high score but since my dad died I didn't know if I could drive again.

I refrained from being seen like the good spy I was. I found Kaitie and we ran through a more secluded part of the woods to get to her car. "Give me your keys. I'm driving you home." I said but she was drunk and could barely understand me. I got them out of her purse and threw her into the back seat of her car. I got in the drivers seat and looked in my rear veiw mirror to see Jake's car pulled over waiting for me to follow. I carefully pulled out and got behind his car. He started driving and I followed. I called him through Kaities phone which was hooked up to the bluetooth in her car. "Hey drive to my house. We have to crash there tonight. First of all because the police will be patroling the neighborhoods and my house is not close to any main roads. Second of all I was allowed to go to the party and it would take to long for two drunk boys to sneak into their own houses without getting caught." I said taking action in the moment like I always do. "Okay I will call their moms and tell them they are staying over my house and my sister won't mind if I'm out so no problem there. Will your mom be okay with us crashing at your house?" he said as controlling as I was. "Yeah she will understand. I'll see you at my house. Hope the coach or floor is comfortable for you guys." I said getting off the phone.

As we got to my house I was happy I drove a car without freaking out too much the whole time. My mom let the boys stay in the basement on the blow up bed. She knew the cops would probably show up at the party but she also knew I was an excellent spy who could escape the situation. Kaitie and I slept upstairs in my room. My mom was a little upset that Kaitie ,John ,and Chris were drinking because she has known them since they were little kids. She would probably be talking to them in the morning. Jake wanted to go home instesd so he risked the drive home. My mom decided since he didn't drink and was responsibke she would write him a note so if he was pulled over that gave him an alibi for being out past curfew. Man I love my mom. "Thanks mom." I said very grateful of how nice she was being. "Your friends are like my own kids. I don't mind them staying because it would be more trouble if they went to jail but I will be speaking to their parents to tell them where they actualy went." she said sternly. I gave her a hug and she kissed my forehead. "I was counting on the cops coming so I could see how you handled the situation. You are a spy after all. Thats why I call the police myself to test you." she said smirking. "Mom you are insane. We shouldn't tell anyone you did that 'cause the kids that got arrested will kill me." I said laughing at how crazy my mom was. "I told them just to scare the kids away because you guys were cutting it close to curfew. Nobody got arrested but some might have gotten a ride home from the police." she said laughing with me. What a mother I have. "Night. I'm going to bed. I cant talk to your craziness anymore. Love you." I said rubbing my eyes. "Love you too." she called back and the house was silent.

Everyone was exhausted. I wouldn't blame them. It was a long night. I mind wandered back to the amazing kiss I had with Jake and a wondered how he felt about it. I wondered a lot of things about it.

I looked down at my phone and saw I got a text.

Jake: Goodnight ,princess. Btw: You looked amazing tonight.

A/N: I hope you liked this chapter. I tried to make it a little more interesting than the last one.

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