✨Little at last✨

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Dan and Phil had waken up to the smell of cooking,this had surprised. Neither of them expected their guest to cook but when they got out of bed,still in their pajamas, Dans mom was cooking breakfast.
"Well goodmorning love birds!" Kathryn waved them both in the kitchen and directed them to sit at the counter. She was working on something at the stove top,the kitchen was filled with the smell of food and Phil couldn't be happier. He and his boy friend were accepted by Dans parents,or the ones that mattered and all that was left was to bring Dan to meet his parents.

Phil's parents knew he was gay but they weren't the most accepting,they tolerated his sexuality though.
"Would you boys like to come?" Kathryn had stopped cool to look Phil.
"Sorry what did you say?" He stammered out with a blush. Phil hadn't realized he was zoned out for that long.

"I asked is you to would like to shopping and the have lunch with us some where?"
While Phil would have enjoyed going out its Dans parents he could tell his parents was wanting to be little.

"I think you guess should go on a date. Phil and I will be fine here." Dan chimed in,and knew he was right.

"Yeah you guys have fun and well cook something here" Kathryn giggled at the boys yet grabbed her husband.
"Ok boys sounds good,just make sure everything is PG-13! She yelled as the two adults made their way or if the apartment. Where two blushing boys stood.

"Daddy!" Dan yelled excitedly as he jumped on to his boyfriend,who caught him of corse.

Considering Dow in need of being little Dan was Phil let his put burst slid and kissed his partner on the cheek.
"Looks like you been wanting to do that for a while Danny."Though his face was shoved in to his partners chest he managed to nod in agreement."How about you go to the bed room and start a movie and I'll get snacks?"

Dam seemed to like the idea considering he ran to his bed room yelling something that could not be understood.  Giggling at the boy Phil picked out a sippy cup and filled it with juice before making popcorn. He had to mentally prepare him self to watch Disney for the rest of the day but he didn't mind,Phil would do what ever his boy friends wanted to do.


After the 4th movie Dan had fallen asleep and Phil had made his way to the kitchen to start dinner.
Before it got too late Dan parents had come back and we're sitting in the kitchen. "How was your day?" He asked politely, mixing seasoning in to taco meat.

"I was good we stopped by the mall," Kathryn told Phil about their day until they were interrupted by loud feet running in to the kitchen.

"Daddy you left me!" The little yelled crashing in to his boyfriend who stumbled but wrapped his arm around the little rubbing his back.
"Excuse us please," Phil said apologetically and took Dan back to their room. "Dan you know your parents heard you." Though he wanted to pretend he hadn't messed up Dan knew he couldn't.
"Did they look upset?" Dan asked softly.
"I'm too sure,but it might be best for you to get out of little space baby." Phil's mind was racing,how were they going to explain them selfs now? Should they play it off as a joke Phil wondered as he released sigh.
"I'm sorry Phil," dan apologized,he always seemed to get his boyfriend in to tough situations.
Though before he could finish his apology Phil had cut him off. "Danny look at me," he instructed and the little did as told "you don't need to apologize for being little. I love you and I love being you're caregiver even if we get in to situations like this sometimes."Phil assured the boy with a hug and kiss on the cheek at the end of his small speech.

"Now I'm going to go finish cook and you take all the time you need to talk with your parents alright." Phil told his partner who nodded and reluctantly sat down on the bed so he could think.


Hey guys I'm back! Band season was wild and I had a lot of other stuff happen too. I am finally in a stable place where I can spend more time working on my writing. I also want to do more than just fanfics so if you want to read that make sure you follow me!!

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