|Patrick Stump| "Band Practice."

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Wow he's adorable

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Wow he's adorable.

"Y/N, outside now!" The professors voice echoed throughout the lecture hall. You shook your head and scoffed lightly, taking your bag and storming out the hall.
"Sorry for having an opinion. Dickhead." You hissed as the two doors shut behind you. "I didn't even do anything..."
You strolled around campus, hood over your head, hands in pockets. The rain gently falling around you. The dormitories weren't far from where you were.

You breathed out into the cold air, watching the faint mist flow from your lips.
"Hey Y/N!" A voice hollered.
Your body turned towards the sound. Your eyes fixating on the person.
"Hey Patrick." You raised your hand a waved slightly.
"What's up?'
You mumbled quietly. "Kicked out of a lecture... So now I have nothing to do."
"Hey! Patrick why don't your introduce your girlfriend to us then." Another voice called.
You couldn't help but blush slightly. Patrick and you were best friends, you crushed on him a while back. You thought he was kind and gentleman like, he managed to bring light on the darkest of your days. Yet Patrick was very shy, he didn't portray his feelings towards you very well. Causing the two of you to never really hit it off.
"Pete she isn't my girlf-"
"No were just good friends." You smiled.
"That's what they all say." The man you now knew as Pete smirked.
"Sorry Y/N this is Pete, Andy and Joe, guys this is Y/N." Patrick smiled softly. That same smile you were so fond of.
"Ah so this is the Y/N you're always babbling on-" Pete was interrupted by Patrick kicking his leg harshly. "Ow kick me again and I'll floor ya Patty Cakes."
You chuckled quietly. "So what brings you lot out here?"
"Ah we got band practice and little Patty Cakes here said he wanted to invite you."
"I never sai-" Patrick began.
"Sure I'll come." You cut him off with a smile. His cheeks flushed red as he looked down slightly, you giggled quietly before walking behind the band. Patrick by your side.

"You don't have to come you know." He smiled.
"I'd love to, I've heard you sing every now and then. Can you play?"
"Eh, yeah I play guitar."
"Really? Huh, I've always wanted to learn how to, I've never really had the motivation to do it."
Silence fell upon the two of you for a moment whilst the other three talked infront of you.
"Hey I could teach you Y/N." Patrick spoke up, his eyes lighting up at the same time.
He nodded and smiled.

-- 💜 --

You sat across from Patrick, your guitar across your knee. Your fingers gently pressed on the frets. Patrick went through some chords. You following after him.

Pete, Andy and Joe, all sat in the other room, practically watching your every move

"Ya think they're gonna hit it off?" Joe began.
"Patrick's mad about her. Apparently she was as well at some point." Pete replied.

Patrick smiled at you as you began to play a few chords together. Quietly humming along.
"You're pretty good Y/N."
"Thank You." You smiled. Setting the guitar aside.

The rest of the band entered the room.
"Yo Patrick. The shits being recorded but it's taking some time so why don't we leave it overnight." Pete spoke. A smirk on his face which none of you noticed.
"You guys wanna watch a movie then. May as well. I've got my day off tomorrow." You smiled.
The four nodded.

You picked a movie and all sat on the same couch. The four of you squashed together with only enough room to put you knees up.
The movie started. Andy returned to the couch after turning off the lights.

The movie wasn't bad but it was a little boring and you were tired already since the lecture earlier was boring you. A yawn escaped your mouth as you leant your head on Patrick instinctively. Patrick's eyes suddenly widened as he noticed your weight applied gently to his shoulder. He looked at your tired state and smiled slightly. Watching as you slowly drifted to sleep. He had enjoyed your company and kind of missed you even though you were only sleeping.

"Look at Patrick. All set with the girl of his dreams."
"Will you guys shut up." He muttered. Looking back at you as you continued to sleep quietly.
He smiled and gently pulled the cover over you both.
"How long have you liked her?" Joe began. Raising an eyebrow.
"I've lost count of the years... But it's always been her."
"Uhhh, you cringey piece of shit." Pete laughed.

Patrick just smiled, looking at you once more as you inhaled and exhaled slowly. He didn't dare move, he didn't want to wake you, so he remained still. The band went to their dorms, bidding the two of you goodnight.

Patrick just sat there, you sleeping soundly on him. Him sat up, drifting to sleep, for once feeling content in how he was.

The sun hit your face, warming it gently. You opened your eyes slowly, not being able to recognise your surroundings.

You jolted up and looked around once more to see Patrick sleeping soundly. You smiled and leant against his shoulder, recalling the events of the previous night with him and his friends.

"Hey Pat, come on, I've got a lecture in half an hour."
"Hm, what?" He awoke slowly, gazing at you.
"I have a lecture in half an hour. I've gotta go."
"At least let me make you breakfast and take you."
"Alright then." You giggled.

Patrick slid the plate of toast over the table and walked towards you, around the counter.
"So what lecture do you have?"
"Its a law lecture."
"Sounds boring."
"Yeah." You chuckled.

"How long have you liked me?" You blurted. Instantly blushing.
"Uh what? Um quite a while actually."
"Its just I was thinking if, you know we could make this a thing now. I mean it makes sense."
Patrick blushed. "Uh, yeah yeah. I'd be glad to."
You blushed again and ate another piece of toast.


You got out the car and heard the other door slam shut, you looked over to see Patrick walking towards you.
"Don't get too bored." He put your hands gently around your waist.
You smiled and pecked his lips.
"I won't, promise, and I'll see you later, Yeah?"
"I can pick you up afterwards. Maybe we can go get some dinner?"
"Yeah I'd like that." You smiled and kissed him again before pulling away out of his grasp. "I'll see you later Pat. Love you."
"Love you to."

You turned and walked towards what you presumed was to be another shitty lecture which was to be opinionated and mostikely biased.

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